Our preschool class follows the Way School Sunday School model; a typical month has two grade-level classes, one Children's Chapel and one Social Action lesson.
Children's Chapels are usually on the first Sunday of each month and include Pre-K through 5th grade students. During these ceremonies, we incorporate UU worship practices (e.g. chalice lighting, readings, singing hymns) as we celebrate changes in season, holidays and/or cultural traditions. Children's Chapels often include an offering appropriate to the topic of the day (e.g. new socks for St. Nicholas Day).

Classes are divided by grade level and usually held on the second and third Sundays of each month. Preschoolers gather in their normal classroom (Room 6) to explore their UU curriculum. For 2011-12, we will continue with "We Are Many We Are One" curriculum. 
Social Action lessons usually fall on the fourth Sunday of the month and include Pre-K through 5th grade. For 2011-12, we've asked various UUCC committees and groups to lead a lesson with the children to discuss the focus and work of their group and to engage in a social action activity (e.g. making blankets for Project Linus or leading a food drive and Canstruction contest to benefit Harvest Hope).
Fifth Sundays are usually devoted to a special activity, such as our Halloween Carnival in October or Meet the Minister in January.
The Preschool Calendar for 2011-12:
21: RE Wing Cleanup Day. After we sing the children out, adults, youth and children are invited to help us get the classrooms ready for a new school year.  Please wear your cleaning clothes.
28: Water Communion Multigenerational Service. All children and youth other than nursery will remain in the service for our annual Water Communion, where we celebrate coming together again after our summer adventures.
4: No RE (Labor Day weekend). Children in attendance will remain in the Worship Service with their parents.
11: First day of RE class. Lesson 2, Here We Meet Friends. 
18: Class. Lesson 17, Our Good Wishes Can Come True. 
25: Social Action, UU Animal Ministry, Pre-K-5th grade. Members of Animal Ministry will share with the children the importance of taking care of our animal friends and discuss Blessing of the Animals.
2: Childrens Chapel, Family & Faith Traditions, Pre-K-5th grade. We'll discuss the significance and importance of various traditions in our families and faith community. Children are invited to share some of their favorite traditions, and we'll make a craft for family mealtime.
9: Class. Lesson 12, Differences Are Important.
16: Class. Lesson 26, Monsters Can Be Nice.
23: Social Action, Knit or Not, Pre-K-5th grade. Members of our UU crafters' group will help the children create no-sew fleece blankets, which we'll donate to Project Linus.
30: Halloween Carnival, grades Pre-K-12th grade. The high school and middle school classes will stage a fun Halloween Carnival for the younger children. Includes games, snacks and Trick-or-Treating.
6: Children's Chapel, Day of the Dead, grades Pre-K-8th grade. In this fun annual UUCC celebration, children are invited to create an latar at home and bring their altar for our Day of the Dead celebration.
13: Class. Lesson 27, The Moon Belongs to Everyone.
20: Cornbread Communion Multigenerational Service. All children and youth other than nursery will remain in the service for our annual Cornbread Communion, where members and friends share cornbread in honor of the fall’s harvest and in appreciation of our abundance.  This service will be followed by our second annual, wildly popular Chili Cookoff. 
27: No RE, Thanksgiving weekend. Children in attendance will remain in the Worship Service with their parents.
4: Children's Chapel, St. Nicholas Day. We'll celebrate the German holiday St. Nicholas Day by telling the story of St. Nick, collecting new socks for the homeless and filling children's stockings with treats. Children are invited to decorate a holiday sock at home and bring it to UUCC for a surprise. 
11: Class. Lesson 29, Different Religions Celebrate Different Holidays.
18: Holiday Pageant Multigenerational Service. All children and youth other than nursery will remain in the service for our annual Winter Holiday Celebration, where our youngsters share their talents in a pageant celebrating Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and other winter holidays. A spaghetti lunch fundraiser to benefit the youth group heritage trip to Boston follows this service.
25: No RE, Christmas. Children in attendance will remain in the Worship Service with their parents.
1: Children's Chapel, Fire Communion. Fire Communion is one of the rituals included on the UU Liturgical calendar as a celebration of the passing of the year.  It’s a time to take note of things that you have lost, regret, or feared in the past year and to let those things go, in hopes of the new changes of the coming year.  We symbolize this “letting go” by allowing the children to write or draw their sadness and then burn them in the communal fire. Children are encouraged to keep a "regrets jar" in advance of this Children's Chapel, writing or drawing about nightmares, loss, mistakes, grief, etc.  They can bring the jar into UUCC for Fire Communion, and we’ll share one another's sadnesses by putting our regrets in the community fire.  We’ll encourage everyone to talk about their hopes for the coming year.
8. Class. Lesson 23, Our Bodies Are Beautiful.
15: Class: Lesson 14, Black is Beautiful.
22: Social Action, Social Action Committee/Canstruction. In advance of this special Sunday lesson, different classes will conduct a food drive for non-perishable food items. On Canstruction Sunday, each class, with the help of adult volunteers, will create a structure from these food items, then we'll invite the congregation to the RE wing to cast their votes (via cash donations). All food items and money will be donated to Harvest Hope, and the class that raises the most money will receive a special treat.
29: Meet Our Minister. Children in Pre-K-5th grade will spend the RE hour learning more about UUCC Rev. Neal Jones and have an opportunity to ask Neal questions.
5: Children's Chapel, Come Sit at Our Table. Children will have an opportunity to experience various faith and cultural traditions as they visit the "homes" and "dinner tables" of people from different times and places.
12: Class. Lesson 16, We Can be Angry Without Hurting Others
19: Class. Lesson 13, Both Boys and Girls Can.
26: Social Action, Partner Church. In advance of Partner Church Month in March, members of UUCC's Partner Church Committee will share the history of Unitarian Universalism and discuss its roots in Romania/Transylvania. We'll also create cards to send to UUCC's partner church in Beszterce, Romania. Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council.
4: Children's Chapel, Seeds of Change.
11: Class. Lesson 15, Everyone is Afraid of Something.
18: Class. Lesson 4, Old and Young Make Good Friends.
25: Social Action, Green Committee.
1: Children's Chapel, Council of All Beings
8: Multigenerational Service, Flower Communion.
15: Class. Lesson 8, We Need the Rain.
22: Class. Lesson 35, We Give Flowers to Friends.
29: Children's Chapel, Beltane. Followed by Crafter's Fair.
6: Multigenerational Service, RE Celebration and Bridging Ceremony.
13: Class. Lesson 25, Bodies Are Different (Mother's Day)
20: Class. Lesson 36, We Give Thanks for Our Year Together. Closing celebrations in classrooms.
27: No RE, Memorial Day weekend. Children in attendance will remain in the Worship Service with their parents.