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Here’s to Us!

posted Apr 14, 2009, 7:34 AM by Mike Allen
Since October 19, we have been meeting in our social hall for our Sunday services as we have been preparing our sanctuary for our new chairs. The old, wornout theater seats have been removed, and the bolts securing them to the floor have been cut. The carpet has been removed, and a thin layer of cement has been poured on the sanctuary floor. This week the sanctuary floor is being stained and sealed to match our social hall floor as closely as possible. The accordion screen between the alcove and social has been removed, and this Saturday a work crew of volunteers will remove the drop wall from which the screen hung. An extension has been constructed for the sanctuary stage so that the pulpit will be more visible in the alcove and social hall, allowing us to radiate all 250 new chairs out from the sanctuary into these areas to increase our seating capacity. We have purchased a moveable partition that will allow us to define a wall for our worship space in the social hall (This is the teal wall you have seen 
each Sunday behind the pulpit). Before we move back into the sanctuary for our worship service on January 18, we will have a workday the day before at 9:30 am to hang the curtains, set up the stage extension, and arrange the chairs. So please come that Saturday morning if you can.

Our president, Mike Paget, said this past Sunday that many paddles are needed to paddle our UUFC boat. Many paddles have pushed through the water to make our move back into the sanctuary possible: our Building and Grounds chair, Morgan Maclachlan; our B&G Board liaison, Glenn White; our ad hoc Sanctuary Committee, Janet Swigler, Barry Ahrendt, Regina Moody, and Kathy Paget; our Worship Committee, Judy Turnipseed, Caroline Eastman, Joe Long, Kevin Meredith, Don Mohr, and Linda Steffey; our Technology Services Committee, Mike Allen and Donald Griggs; Kit Hoekstra, who washed and ironed our curtains; Don and Pat Mohr, who adjusted the sanctuary lights and did some touch-up painting; the many, many others who have contributed their time and our chairs; and Mike Paget. If we are all the paddlers of the UUFC row boat, I think of Mike as the person who sits in the back of the boat, overseeing and coordinating our efforts by calling out, “Stroke, Stroke, Stroke!”

All of these efforts have come in response to a wonderful problem – our crowded Sunday morning services. Our new arrangement will be a temporary solution until we launch our major renovations sometime in the future. Even so, I have missed being in our sanctuary, and I will be glad to be back there for our worship services. We will celebrate our first worship service back in our sanctuary with some kind of festive drink, maybe Kailua (since that’s the color of the floor) or champagne or mimosas -- hopefully something that inspires a toast. Let me offer a toast now: 

To us, for pulling together as a family and working hard to make our spiritual home more comfortable and presentable. Here’s to us!

- Neal