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Animal Ministry

                            THE ANIMAL MINISTRY (UUAM)
The Animal Ministry advocates for the rights of animals through education, legislation, and other peaceful means. We seek to exclude all forms of neglect and cruelty to animals. We engage in concrete actions that bring about change at the individual, congregational, community, and societal level.
We are focused on, but not limited to, three major areas:
Education:  We coordinate with Religious Education (RE) to engage the children utilizing their programs through books and speakers (e.g. Carolina Wildlife). In addition, we have festivals such as  the "Blessing of the Animals". Through "Meatless Mondays" and our various vegan events, cooking classes and recipe sharing, we encourage lifestyle changes directly related to reducing animal cruelty.
Legislation:  We lobby our S.C. legislators on bills directly related to animal welfare. We attend legislative committee and subcommittee meetings and help to publicize animal welfare causes, both within and outside of the congregation.
Charitable:  The Animal Ministry supports Pawmetto Lifeline and other animal welfare groups in the Midlands by publicizing and participating in their events, and we actively engage in fund raising for such groups.
What is the time commitment?
The Animal Ministry meets once a month to coordinate the above activities. We meet the second Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. at the UUCC, and our meetings last approximately 1 hour. When planning an event, obviously there is more time commitment, but the duties are voluntary and spread out among the members.
Some specific activities that we have sponsored, or plan to sponsor, include:
  • Participating in Humane Lobbying Day (sponsored by the United States Humane Society) at the State house.
  • Meatless Mondays Burger Cook-off
  • Vegan Recipe Series
  • Vegan Bake-off
  • Blessing of the Animals
  • Co-sponsoring meals with RE (e.g. A Taste of Hogwarts)
Who do I contact to volunteer or to get additional information?
        Anita Grossman, Animal Ministry Chair
If you would like to make a donation, check out our: Animal Donations Wish List
If you would like to volunteer, check out our: Volunteer Needs





  The shelters need relief from overcrowding – shelter a pet until it can be adopted, or help an abused pet learn to trust again so it can be adopted.


            è Bassett Rescue Crew of the Southeast Fill out the foster information form

        online at barcse.org or contact us via email at barcsemail@gmail.com.


   è Dachsund Rescue of North America Fill out the online application at  drna.org

        or email Tanya Anderson at tanya.anderson@darton.edu 


   è  Greyhound Lifesavers Contact Joyce Jackson at (803) 429-4209, or print the

      application at greyhoundlifesavers.org/Documents/FosterHomeApplication.pdf

     Complete the application form & scan it, then email it to info@greyhoundlifesavers.org


è  Humane Society: Contact Wayne Brennessel at (803) 783-1267 x18


è  Pawmetto Lifeline Contact Jeannie Frazier:  (803) 465-9176,  



è  PETS Inc. See online info at http://petsinc.org/ or call the office at (803) 739-9333








to help with veterinary bills as well as operating expenses.


= Bassett Rescue Crew of the Southeast Contact treasurer Dan Bouchey at

   ddbouchey@aol.com or mail a check to BaRCSE, PO Box 2273, Columbia SC 

   29203 or make a Paypal payment online at BarCSE.org


= Dachsund Rescue of North America Use the form at www.drna.org/donate or click

    on the click here for more options.


= Greyhound Lifesavers See www.greyhoundlifesavers.org or call Joyce Jackson at

    (803) 429-4209


= Humane Society Online at www.humanesc.org or call Wayne Brennessel at

    (803) 783-1267 x18


= Pawmetto Lifeline Online at www.pawmettolifeline.org or call Stacey at

    (803) 465-9193


= PETS Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity. To donate, call the office at (803) 739-9333




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