Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia, South Carolina
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    Adult RE
    Contact: Peter Kandis or Joyce Brannan
    Akido Classes
    Contact: Walter Patterson
    Classes, 7 am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the UUCC Social Hall.

    Bon Voyage
    Contacts: Andrea Derrick or Erika Patterson

    Contemporary humanist women's vocal group. No audition; need not read music. Rehearse Thursdays at 7pm at UUCC, sometimes go out afterwards. Also rehearse Sunday 10am when we sing at the service (once a month, maybe more). Lasts year round.

    Building and Grounds
    Maintenance and Repail Contact: Jerry Cover
    Landscaping Contact: Erika Patterson
    Interiors Contact: Jim Burton

    The Building and Grounds Committee oversees the interior and exterior of the buildings, helps with building maintenance and enhancements, and provides upkeep of the grounds, walkways, sidewalks, and driveway.

    Caring and Hospitality Committee
    Contact: Sandy Chubon
    In coordination with the minister, the Caring Network shall provide leadership in physical and emotional support to members and friends in time of crisis and need. The Caring and Hospitality Committee maintains a list of Members and Friends available to provide assistance and visitation to Members and Friends with illnesses or other needs. Also connects individuals with needs for assistance with appropriate members of the Caring Network; organizes and hosts receptions following Memorial Services for Members or Friends of the Fellowship.

    Contact: Bill Moody

    Mixed adult choir singing traditional and contemporary selections. No audition (most members
    have prior musical experience). Meets September through May, every other week (with summer
    break). Participants take pleasure in providing musical enhancement for worship as well as
    socializing with one another during rehearsals. Sunday rehearsal at 9:30am on days performing.
    Come and join us-we'd love to hand you a folder.
    Children's Choir
    Contact: Sarah Pregnal
    Youth choir performs at Sunday Services about once a month.

    UU Coffeehouse

    Contact: Mike Paget

    Folk and singer/songwriter music; nationally known as well as local acts. A family friendly, smoke-free environment. Usually 8pm Saturdays in the Sanctuary (see http://www.uucoffeehouse.org/  for current lineup). Shows are held from September through May.$17 adult; $3  students. Children through 8th grade are free with a paying adult. Save $2/ticket by calling 803.200.2824  to make a reservation, or go to the website.

    Denominational Connections
    Contact: Don & Pat Mohr

    We provide a liaison between the congregation and the UUA and the Thomas Jefferson District; encourage interest and participation in denominational concerns, activities, and events; and also keeps appropriate committees informed about denominational initiatives, resources, and services relating to their areas of responsibility.
    Connie Hudson
    The Finance Committee receives, records, and deposits all funds collected by the Fellowship through any fund-raising events and an annual Canvass. The Finance Committee also creates the annual budget for the Fellowship with the input from the other committees and program areas, and submits it to the Board. The Treasurer is also an ex-officio member of this committee.
    Contact: Mike Kelly
    Spirited, moderated discussions of specific comtemporary topics from 9:30 to 11 am every Sunday in the UUCC Library; open to everyone. See the Order of Service and Unigram for upcoming topics.
    Gaia's Rising/Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUP's)
    Explore the beauty of paganism, goddess and earth-centered spsirituality woven together with Unitarian Universalism at 7 pm every Thursday in the UUCC Library.
    Green Sanctuary Committee
    Contact: Michelle Andra
    This committee is working toward UUCC being designated as a Green Sanctuarym a program of congregational action that encourages individual actions to reduce our impact on this planet. This group meets at 6:30 pm on the third Wednesday of each month in the UUCC Social Hall
    Green Apron Group
    Contact: Regina Moody or Joan Watterson
    This is a cub-committee of the Caring & Hospitiality Committee that shares responsibility for Sunday Coffee Hour following Services. Volunteers make coffee, provide light refreshments and cleanup following Coffee Hour.
    Leadership Development
    Contact: Karl McCollester, Mike Paget, Joe Long, and Pat & Don Mohr
    This committee works to develop new leaders through informal and formal means. It serves as UUCC's nominating committee, identifying potential board members and officers.
    Contact: Alison Thirkield
    Greeting visitors, educating them about Unitarian Universalism and this congregation, helping them determine when/if its right to formally join UUCC, celebrating new members and helping them connect with the Congregation are the responsibilities of this committee, which welcomes new members. Membership meets on Committee Night on the first Wednesday of each month.
    Contact: Carita Barr or Lee Minghi

    The members of the Partner Church committee are the local liaison between the UUFC and the greater UUA Partner Church Council.

    Contact: Robin Sherer
    Working with the Board of Trustees, this committee is responsible for the human relations function of UUCC.
    Contact: Marcia Fletcher
    This committee assists other committees, programs and the Board of Trustees with publicity, including brochure development and production and publicity strategies.

    Religious Education
    Sonya Jones

    The Religious Education committee implements, oversees, and evaluates the religious education program for the children and youth of the Fellowship. They also recommend to the Board and implement policies regarding registration and enrollment procedures, age groupings, safety and playground regulations, supervision, and parental involvement with the religious education curriculum.

    Shared Ministry
    Contacts: Jessica Kross, Janet Swigler and Donald Griggs

    The Ministerial Relations Committee serves as the formal channel for any concerns about the functioning of the Minister and act on behalf of the Minister to communicate with the Board, or others within the Fellowship.

    Social Action
    Contact: Bauer Westeren

    Informs and educates the Fellowship Members and Friends about areas of social concern or interest, and involves them in direct social action projects both locally and nationally.

    UU Animal Ministry
    Contact: Anita Grossman
    We acknowledge and affirm the kinship and interdependence of human and animal, and adopt ethics of interspecies compassion as an integral component of liberal religion. Our ministry is to serve congregations with compassion so that we may support one another in our engaged spiritual paths that includes all beings. Congregations may join as UUAM chapters, or may enroll in our Reverence for Life covenant and certification program. This group meets the first Wednesday at 5:15 pm just before Committee Night.

    Bauer Westeren

    Voyagers is a social group for all those who are post-high-school and pre-retirement. We meet for lunch (dutch treat) after Sunday morning services. We use a Yahoo! Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scvoyagers/) to invite any and all interested Voyagers out for impromptu dinner ro movie or concert, etc during the week.
    Science & Religion Discussion Group
    Contact: Joe Long
    Spirited discussion of books about a subject where science and religion overlap. Books are selected by consensus. Meets at 7 pm every Thursday.

    Technology Services
    Mike Allen or Karl McCollester

    The Technology Services Committee oversees the sound system in the Sanctuary and Social Hall; maintains and oversees the phones, computers, and other office equipment as needed; assists in maintaining the Fellowship website content and online resources; assists and advises the Board of Trustees, and the other Committees about technology related issues.
    Unigram Folders:
    Contact: Gin Beery
    This group gathers to fold the printed copies of the Unigram, UUCC's newsletter, and prepare it for bulk mailing. Usual meetings at 1:00 pm on the second and fourth Wednesdays in Classroom # 10. Folding seems to lend itself to lively conversation!

    Walk/Hike Group
    Contact: Claire Shawhan or John Charbonnet

    This group exists to let folks know about outdoor activities and hikes. Usually meets the last Saturday of each month, in the morning. See Unigram for details.

    Welcoming Congregation Committee
    Cheryl Soehl

    This group is working to attain Welcoming Congregation status with the UUA, which will affirm our commitment for full participation and fellowship with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered persons (members, friends and guests).

    Women's Book Club
    Contact: Sandy Chubon

    A women's only reading group that meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the UU to discuss a previously agreed upon book. See the Unigram for details. 

    Contact: Kevin Meredith

    The Worship Committee coordinates and leads services when the Minister is absent. Also collaborate with the Minister and the Director of Religious Education in planning and helping to implement the calendar of worship services, records attendance at Sunday services, and provide supplies for worship services. The Minister is an ex officio member of the committee.
    Writer's Group
    Contact: Bauer Westeren
    Anyone who writes or is interested in writing is welcome to meet at 6:30 pm on the second and third Monday each month at Barnes and Noble bookstore in the Richland Fashion Mall.
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