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Bob Whitaker
Member since 2011

What Committees, programs groups, and events have you been involved in at UUCC? 
• Committees:  Finance Committee, Ad Hoc Ministerial Transition Committee,  Ad Hoc Endowment Fund Committee.
• Elected and served briefly as Board Member at large, then Board Secretary for 23 months, and now in second year as Treasurer.
• Events:  I’ve been involved in a number of events at UUCC, including planning and conducting the last two Pledge Drive Silent Auction events, helping plan and executing the last two Fall Flings, and have enjoyed many other fun activities.

Why did you join the Congregation?
• To continue being part of a progressive, liberal, and spiritual community.

How did you find out about the Congregation?
• My wife Keitha and I were introduced to UU after our older daughter suggested we attend services of the UU Gulf Coast Fellowship (Mississippi) where I attended several years from 1992 and joined in 1999.  After attending GA’s in Fort Worth and St Louis, and serving as Treasurer of the UUGCF, we retired and moved to Tallahassee FL in 2007.  There I joined UU Church of Tallahassee and served 4 years as Assistant Recording Secretary and as a member of the Finance Committee.  Keitha served as DRE there, which led to me being active in B&G and backup for the Administrator during her vacations, as well as general handyman for all things relating to Children’s RE.  When we moved to the Columbia area in 2011, we attended services at UUCC for a couple of months, very much liked what we saw, and joined the Congregation in November, 2011.
• I am retired from the IRS and from the Marine Corps Reserve, having worked last in New Orleans in both capacities.