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Regina Moody
Member since 1971

E-mail: president@uucolumbia.org

Regina is a retired public school librarian, now a dedicated painter, and has been active at UUCC for over 40 years. She and her husband Bill Moody, our adult choir director for more than two decades, have a blended family of three adult children and four grandchildren.

What Committees, programs groups, events have you been involved in at UUCC?

Regina began her involvement through Religious Education and has served on many committees including Membership, Caring & Hospitality and Building & Grounds. She served as Board Secretary in the early ‘70s and was elected President in 1985 and again in 2003.  Establishment of the UU Art Gallery has been a source of recent satisfaction.

 As I see it, immediate tasks for this congregation include continuing to discover each others’ gifts and nurturing the next generation of leadership; shoring up our internal operations; expanding awareness and accessibility to our philosophy and UUCC programs.

 In the next decade, I believe that the interface between volunteer and professional (RE, clergy, administrative) will be strengthened; continuity and institutional history will be valued even as differences in leadership style are respected; denominational connections will be heightened along with collaboration and cooperation with other community entities of like values and goals.

Why did you join the Congregation?

Regina joined the UUCC when she moved to South Carolina, having grown up a Georgia Methodist, discovering Unitarian Universalism as a student at The University of Tennessee, and becoming enthusiastic about the movement during her years in Boston in the mid 1960’s.