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Members At Large

The UUCC Board of Trustees includes five at-large trustees who serve two year terms. Two trustees are elected at the Annual Meeting in even-numbered years, and three in odd-numbered years.  
Caroline Eastman
Member Since xxxx

How did you get here?

I was brought up as a Unitarian and attended RE in Atlanta and Columbia, Missouri, as a child. When I went to college, I drifted away for a variety of reasons. I moved to Columbia for a position at USC in 1986. I was aware of UUCC because I had driven by the building for years and knew some people who attended. After my late husband and I finally realized that marriage did not mean that the two of you needed to be on the same spiritual path, I started attending. I joined because I wanted a supportive spiritual community. 

And what have you been doing?

A while ago I was visiting my sister, who is a member of the Cambridge, Massachusetts, UU. I attended services with her and watched her dealing with her twin daughters in RE. I realized that a successful RE program needs adults other than parents, so I volunteered for the RE program here since I couldn't help her there. I've also been on an early Long Range Planning Committee and the Worship Committee. I am in my third year on the board. I am the liaison to the Technical Services Committee.

Note to parents: Despite a fantastic RE program, your children may also decide to take different paths. But, years later, they may yet end up back in a UU congregatation. 

Janet Swigler
Member Since xxxx

During my 30 years as a member of UUCC I have been active on a number of levels beginning with teaching RE classes when my children attended UUCC.  I have been the choir accompanist since its inception over 20 years ago and play regularly for services.  

I have served in many capacities, some of which are: board member, Shared Ministry Committee in which we planned Neal's sabbatical, Installation Committee, Pledge Drive Committee, Chair of the Chair Committee during the most recent renovations, Long Range Plan Committee, Strategic Plan Committee, and have planned numerous social events.  I have created two banners currently on display, and initiated the process for the creation of both "The Way We Are with Each Other" and UUCC's mission statement. 

Having been raised a “general Protestant” in an Air Force family that moved every couple of years, as an adult I found Unitarian Universalism a better fit with its challenge of creating my own definition of spirituality.  I want to be part of a thinking, caring community of people who are also willing to search and question.

Gareth Fenley
Member Since xxxx

Gareth Fenley is best known at UUCC as the greeter who opens the front door on most Sundays. She has also been involved in the GLBT and Social Action committees. Gareth identifies as both a UU and a Christian. She joined UUCC to have a welcoming and affirming religious home. Raised atheist, Gareth has attended UU and Christian congregations since high school.

Richard Culler
Member since xxxx

Richard has been a UU for over 20 years.  He served in various roles at the UU Church of Spartanburg where he was formerly a member and also in the TJ/Southeastern District.  He is currently a teacher’s assistant in the RE Program.  His wife Susan, daughter Laura (12), and son Aaron (20) complete the family.  In his day job Richard is a civil engineer and project manager at CDM Smith.

Tim VanDenBerg
Member Since xxxx

What Committees, programs groups, events have you been involved in at UUCC? 

  • Committees:  UUCC Endowment Committee
  • Events:  PRIDE parade, Bark to the Park, Stand on the Side of Love Rally @ SC Statehouse, Elementary School Lock-In

Why did you join the Congregation?

  • To nurture my soul, share my works, and surround my children with a loving extended family.

How did you find out about the Congregation?

  • GOOGLE! I have been a UU for 14 years as a member in communities where I lived. I credit Tiffany with adding the term to my vocabulary.


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