The purpose of the Chem-E-Car competition is to design and construct a shoe box sized car powered by chemical reactions. The car must travel a certain distance while carrying a specified water load, neither being known until the day of the competition. The winner is determined by the car stopping closest to the finish line. The spirit of the competition is to inspire innovative ways to provide an alternate source of fuel!

The Chem-E-Car team at TU is part of the student chapter of AIChE. The regional competition takes place every spring at the AIChE student conference, and the top 3 teams from each region are invited to compete at the national competition at the AIChE national conference in the fall.

Official rules can be found here.

Chem-E-Car History at TU (2003-2013)
 Date AIChE Location Prize
 Spring 2013 Regional Norman, OK1st in competition
Most creative drive system
 Spring 2012 Regional St. Louis, MO1st in competition
3rd for poster
 Spring 2010 Regional Ames, IA2nd in competition
3rd for poster
 Spring 2009 Regional Columbia, MO    3rd for poster
Most Creative Car
 Fall 2005 National     Cincinnati, OH2nd for poster
 Summer 2005 International Glasgow, Scotland1st in competition
 Spring 2005 Regional Manhattan, KS4th in competition
 Fall 2004 Regional Austin, TX1st in competition
 Spring 2004 National Tulsa, OK2nd in competition
2nd for poster
Most Creative Car
 Spring 2003 Regional Lawrence, KS3rd competition

     TU ChE students won the 2013 regional Chem-E-Car competition held
     at the Mid-America AIChE Conference hosted by the University
     of Oklahoma in Norman, OK, in April 2013.