Welcome to AFROTC Cross-Town Squadron Detachment 670

    Air Force ROTC at the University of Tulsa, Oral Roberts University, OSU Tulsa, and TCC is a great way to earn your commission as an officer in the United States Air Force. Our program is designed to develop the skills and abilities you will need as one of tomorrow's leaders.


First two years of AFROTC: During this time you will be part of a Flight and will be learning the basics of being an Air Force ROTC cadet as a GMC (General Military Course)
an ROTC course offered to freshmen and sophomores designed to improve communication skills and provide instruction about the Profession of Arms. You will participate in activities on the Flight, Squadron, and Group level varying from drill and physical training to base visits and leadership projects. As a sophomore you will have the opportunity to further develop your leadership abilities and begin preparation for Field Training. Field training is a 4-week program that takes place during the summer before your junior year and is required for all cadets commissioning through AFROTC. It is possible to go to Field Training th

AFROTC Field Training

e summer of your Junior year if you are not selected your sophomore year due to a poor GPA, or failure to meet the physical fitness requirements.

Last two years of AFROTC: You have finished Field Training and demonstrated that you have the potential to lead Airmen as a POC (Professional Officer Course). Cadets from these year groups run the cadet side of the detachment. Here you refine your knowledge of leadership through your roles whether you are in direct command of cadets or in a support role on the cadet staff. During this phase you will apply for the career field in which you are interested in and prepare to graduate. You'll have the chance to apply for a specific job in the Air Force, choosing from over 100 specialty codes.

When you graduate: If you have successfully completed the AFROTC program you will be commissioned into the Air Force as a Second Lieutenant and receive your orders to your first assignment.
Depending on your job you may receive specific training for your career or go directly to your first base. As a new Lieutenant, you'll be joining the world's most powerful Air Force and will lead our nation's Airmen into the future.