The structure of this conference is designed to advance scholarship about rhetoric and religion by fostering connections among diverse scholars. Toward that end, the conference will include several seminars on topics of interest to scholars in rhetoric and religion. Seminars will each meet three times throughout the conference and discuss a small group of readings assigned by the leaders. 

Conference attendees will choose a seminar when they register for the conference. Because the seminars are an integral component of the conference, there will be no extra fee to register for a seminar. Click on the links below to read the full seminar descriptions.  

Rasha Diab, University of Texas, Austin

Ethics and Religious Tradition (This seminar is already full.)
John Duffy, University of Notre Dame

Jesuit Rhetorics
Cinthia L. Gannett, Fairfield University
John C. Brereton, Boston Athenaeum

Janice W. Fernheimer, University of Kentucky

TJ Geiger II, Baylor University

Religious Rhetoric and Public Leadership (This seminar is already full.)
Martin J. Medhurst, Baylor University

Rhetoric, Religion, and Race: Understanding the Intersection (This seminar is already full.)
Andre E. Johnson, University of Memphis

Buddhist Rhetorics
Kurt Spellmeyer, Rutgers University

Feminist Historiography and Religion (This seminar is already full.)
Lisa Zimmerelli, Loyola University Maryland