Course Information

Online Homework: This course requires Enhanced WebAssign (EWA) for online homework which comes with an ebook version of our textbook.  There are many options for purchasing the EWA access code and/or the textbook including a bundle option (printed textbook with EWA code) sold at either the campus bookstore or directly from the publisher (see your syllabus for details).

Textbook: Finite Mathematics for the Managerial, Life and Social Sciences, by Tan, Custom 11th Edition, Cengage Publishing. Included as an ebook with EWA WebAssign (printed textbook is available but not required). This course will use Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, and parts of Chapter 9.  Individual instructors may supplement their course with additional content. 

Calculator Policy

A graphing calculator is required and may be used throughout the entire course.  The TI-83+/84+ is recommended.  Calculators with advanced alphanumeric capabilities such as the TI-89 or NSpire CAS are prohibited.  Devices with internet capability are prohibited. A calculator program called PIVOTA will be used for the Simplex Method and the TVM solver APP will be used in this course.  Take your calculator to the Math Tutorial Center in Ayres Hall to download the PIVOTA program onto your TI-83/84+ calculator for use on homework, quizzes and exams. Here is a link for the TI-NSpire calculator PIVOTM program (you will have to type the program into your calculator yourself).

YouTube Video Channel: Math 123 Finite Mathematics

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