Thanks To


  • APC provided a new Smart UPS 1500i as my old one was malfunctioning and paid a huge customs bill in order to get it to me. I thank them highly for this.
  • APC is the best

Lech Rzedzicki

  • Lech is a strong supporter of the UTSWEB program seeking me out himself from a posting on mulberry xsl list, interested to support the university via hiring me and currently is hiring 2 students at salaries that are fair for Gambian standards and everyone is pleased with, students and finance department. An extensive consultation between all parties was undertaken to establish that a salary of 1.26 pounds per hour resulted in a fair hourly salary for students and to gain critical experience at the same time as earning a fair salary is vital towards increasing ones ability to get paid more by doing more extensive work. The students are benefiting highly as the work is so challenging in a puzzling way and they are learning about TX-XML. The goal of the UTSWEB program is to develop capacity of computer science students and to always operate in an open and transparent manner so that all parties are satisfied.. i.e adjust pay for inflation and ability.
  • The work students and myself are doing for Lech is supporting the construction of the schema definition of TX-XML both in automated processes and manual mappings that are very complex. TX-XML is a standard in development by the OHIM: European Union Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, to express processes related to trade marks across 27 countries.

Christopher Ball

  • Christopher has been hiring me since 2009 giving me vital work experience and income at a time when I was not mobile with a foot injury and working from home. Together we have developed an XML pipeline for a large public American data set that identifies document structure in hundreds of thousands of text and HTML data resulting in XML representing, section, subsection, paragraphs, tabular content, lists, signatures, table of contents...
  • Christopher is the very dedicated CEO of the start-up Metaheuristica.

Jorn Grotnes

  • Jorn has kindly delegated "" now as a courtesy domain to the UTSWEB program and given much advice and thoughtful comment.
  • Jorn has been working in IT formally since 1988, and did his first paid programming job in 1979 (at the age of 14). In 1996-2000 Jorn was working with introducing online services in The Gambia together with his brother at Commit Enterprises. Today Jorn is a partner in a consulting company, and functioning as the administrator of the .gm ccTLD.