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Visit The Griots


A strict XHTML/CSS 2.1 website to sit within the sunonwater.gm website. The site will consist of a main pages which highlights different griots, languages spoken, instruments they play places they can bring guests to visit such as concerts, naming ceremonies, a nice beach somewhere, a griot family for example to visit with and listen to the eldest griot play…


Ousainou will need to put together a team of students who have diverse abilities to manage the following requirements:

1.       The site will need to use accessibility features and strict XHTML and CSS 2.1

2.       Have pictures or each griot playing an instrument dressed in nice African clothes.

3.       Create a logo simply stating visit the griots.

4.       It should not mention money simply a means for tourists to get in contact with griots.

5.       Should have their cell number, place where they live  and place where they can easily meet with a tourist.

6.       The group will require a photographers, graphics artists, XHTML/CSS and developers

7.       There should be a main page which has thumbnails images of each griots with a small text describing them which link to the larger pages for each griot

a.       Describing their history

b.      Instruments they play

c.       Description of bands they play in

d.      What times they are available to give lessons

e.      There concert schedules.

f.        What instruments they make and have available for sale.

8.       Might be nice to have a concert schedule on the main page which list generally when concerts are occurring for the griots and where to entice tourists to come to the shows.


Griot Contacts:

Start with these Griots. Gather there information and pictures and get the site finished. They can give you contacts of others griots however explain to them that you will first get the site finished with three and get my approval before adding more griots. The griots will in the future be asked to pay a hosting fee each year for the site if the site is successful and brings them guests.

Jali Bakary Conteh:  9843706

Amadu Dioubate: 7276820

Seikou Dioubate: 7289682

Sankung: 7979523

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28 Jul 2009, 04:38