What is UTSWEB?

The University Technology Student Work Experience Building (UTSWEB) program focuses on

  • Providing students with work experience prior to finding a job in their field of interest

  • Engaging students in projects and online tutorials needed to complete those projects at their own time in order to learn and gain experience.
  • Small business growth through development of low cost websites

  • Spreading computer knowledge to children in the community through installation and training of Edubuntu educational software.
  • Building custom software solutions including databases and websites for public and private bodies. Generally the business model often involves doing contract work for international clients who benefit from the low cost of labour in the Gambian market. Currently an hourly salary that both student and Finance department are happy with for students and recent graduates is 1.26GBP/hr. Contract work with pay on completion or by stages is also a method of payment that is suitable.
  • Affordable audio and video recordings.
  • Green Energy Installations.
  • Working to increase the computer science oriented lecturer presence for Computer Science at UTG.

Be A Project Manager!

UTSWEB projects are directed by a Project Manager who is an experienced member of the technology industry lecturing at minimum two courses per term at UTG. For a Non-Gambian resident an exemption for the D40,000 non-resident tax will be granted to make working for the university affordable. In addition the residential permit is free of charge.

The main object is to encourage a skilled technical person to come to UTG to help build capacity and to involve students in contracts international or local for clients and or development projects in which the students involved are part owners and the university is a 30% owner and the percentage split between you and the students is negotiable, based on effort and numbers involved and should be discussed to be positively received by those involved and the Finance Department.

All monies made are transferred directly from a bank transaction into a UTG account specific to UTSWEB in order to ensure transparency.

A project manager who is actively involving students in development projects can work on a separate project that has no student involvement and with 30% or proceeds given to the university.

Really it's the chance of a lifetime to come and experience Gambia and do something highly positive for the Gambian tech industry. If you are born and raised in a western nation you'll likely find you learn as much or more from Gambians than they will learn from you.

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UTSWEB will be open to any current or underemployed former UTG students and will actively seek to find them employment in the public or private sector. Students must be proactive, productive and willing to work within a group structure to ease management to participate in the program.

Highly motivated students that other students recognize and select as leaders will take the role of project leaders and will manage a project from start to end organizing a group of students to complete the project as well as working on components of a project and communicate with the project manager as to the progress and to seek advice and knowledge. Project leaders will be required to own a cell phone to allow for communication between all involved in a project.

Work Scholarship For the Employable But Empty Pockets.

A student who has merit to enter university based on entrepreneurship in the technological market place. The candidates will be selected by a democratic committee composed of the UTSWEB students, Finance and Seynabu through a google site form and applicants can be invited to show off what they can do and have done already on a website even if the website is hosted on their local virtualBox.

New program Organizer

Post to be filled

Past Program Organizer

Alex Muir helped defined the program with Dr Jaw but has since returned to Canada.