Computer Lab Layout Recomendations 2011

Draft document - please suggest modifications

Dedicate Computer Science Labs are needed

Currently computer Lab 1 is for the most part being used as a lecture space rather than a dedicated lab due to lack of lecture space. Consequently computer science courses are not holding dedicated labs for programming courses and student access to the computers in the lab is limited. Dedicated labs for programming courses are a fundamental part of computer science education. Teaching computer science without dedicated labs is akin to learning to play football in theory rather than in practice. Computer Science must be practiced on a computer for hours each day if possible. Clearly many students have their own computers to practice and they have the advantage but even for these students they will lack more guidance than they could otherwise be getting were labs operating say for 12 hours a day with various graduate assistants running labs. 

A dedicated lab can be used to test students weekly and ensure they are working in ways that focus them towards success. As such this proposal to merge the computers and 7 large tables from computer lab 1 into lab 2 within a glass partitioned area with a locked door is supported by Dr Boillat, Momoudou Lamin Sanyang and Alex Muir who all suggest that dedicated labs are a necessity for teaching computer science.

Perhaps this layout is not the best solution given the resources at the university, but it seems a workable solution. If there is a better one let us discuss and implement it.

The changes here would free up computer lab 1 to be used as a dedicated lecture space while preserving a lecture space within computer lab 2 and creating a dedicated computer science lab area. More chairs and desks should be purchased to make lab 1 more conducive to a lecture space.

Computer Lab 2 Design Proposal

  • The computer science labs would be run by graduate assistants and labs could be held from 8am to 8pm
  • The computers and desks used for computer lab 1 would be oriented towards a board installed on the partition so that the area would function as a lecture space as well.
  • The diagram is to scale. I measured, walls tables and chairs.
  • Desks should be attached together so they cannot easily move, and cables attached to the desks to save money and they should not be attached to the floor where they can be easily destroyed.

Alternative Design


  • Wall Partition to be built
  • Adjust existing networking moving networking cables from lab 1 into lab 2
    • or leave lab 1 networked and purchase new Ethernet cables
  • Electrical wiring and sockets
  • More chairs and desks should be purchased to make lab 1 more conducive to a lecture space.

Adding a glass door partition to Library Lab

The library labs can become functional very quickly with the addition of a glass partition with doors to control access.  Also I can put GBs of science ebooks on each computer so that students can use the computers to read ebooks. In Addition to general use with doors added this lab could also be used to hold labs for computer science and other programs. The lab need to have it's networking completed. I have spoken with Isatou and she likes these ideas.