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Hello, welcome to my homepage!

I work as a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Previously, I worked as a staff engineer at Qualcomm Research Center, NJ. I obtained my B.Tech. in EE from IIT Madras , India. After completing my masters and PhD in ECE at UT Austin , I worked as a post-doc at LIDS, MIT.

During my PhD, I mainly worked on the problem of scheduling and resource allocation in downlink wireless networks. The problem is interesting because for real-time traffic, one needs to provide strong delay guarantees in addition to throughput-optimality, the traditional performance metric. Practical considerations also demand that the scheduling algorithm be "simple." My co-authors and I published a series of papers on this topic at IEEE Infocom , ACM Sigmetrics/Performance, WiOpt, and also in the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.

During my postdoctoral research, I focused on two problems: job scheduling in large data centers, and wireless medium access / congestion control. Our results in this area were presented at IEEE ISIT, Allerton Conference, and the ACM Sigmetrics/Performance conference.

I am a recipient of the WNCG Student Leadership award (2010), and Global Samsung Best Paper Award (2010).

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