Get to know Mr. Ballantyne

Mr. Ballantyne has been teaching science since August 2006. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Utah University with a Major in Biology/Zoology and a Minor in Spanish. He graduated with his Master's Degree in Educational Administration from Western Governors University in 2010. He has always loved science. He has always been fascinated with how life works and watching and learning about animals. He started with Utah Online 7-12 when it first started and was called Washington Online in 2012 and taught part-time with Washington Online and full time for Snow Canyon Middle School.  In 2013 a full-time position opened and he jumped at the opportunity to work full time with students around the state with the newly named Utah Online.

When he is not teaching school, Mr. B. loves spending time with his family. They love to camp, hike and dutch oven. One of their very favorite places to visit is Yellowstone National Park.  Mr. Ballantyne also loves to cook. He is always looking for new recipes to try and loves to give food his own personal touch.

You can contact him anytime through email. You can also call his Google voice at any time. (435) 319-0442. He responds to emails very quickly. He may not respond as fast on Saturday or Sunday, but he will get back to you as fast as he can. Mr. Ballantyne loves teaching online school and loves working with students and parents to make sure each student is successful and has what they need to complete their courses.

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