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Breast Oasis

Nu Vista Plastic Surgery will be at Girls Night Out.  They are helping us help others....

Give a Bra, Win a Bra they call it; and here's how it works.

You know all those bras you've been saving since before you were pregnant?  Yea, I have a ton too--I always think, some day.....

What about all the bras you tried on once, purchased and then hated an hour after you put it on for the day! 

Seriously??  How many bras do you have that you REALLY don't use??

Now, you can clean out your drawers and help someone in real need...

NuVista Plastic Surgery will be at our Girls Night Out party May 31.  They have teamed up with Breast Oasis and the YWCA battered women's shelter to help these women in need.  The shelter gets a lot of support and donations, but no one really thinks about the basics, like bras and underwear.  But if you flee a dangerous situation with nothing but what you're wearing, you need the basics.

Here's how we can help:

Bring your unwanted, gently used bras to the NuVista Plastic Surgery booth and donate them to Breast Oasis.  They will have the bras professionally dry cleaned and then hand them over to the ladies in need....YOU ARE THE HERO
PLUS, You get an entry (for each bra you bring) into the drawing to win one of 2 $50.00 Victoria Secret gift cards.

The more you give, the more you could win

Nu Vista, thanks for helping us be better women!

(650) 328-2800