The State of Utah has a special committee made up of a variety of emergency management professionals from both government and nonprofit organizations who serve on the Utah Volunteer and Donations Coordination Team (VDCT). The team collaborated and studied best practices from across the country and around the world to produce a statewide plan.

For the public: 
Please use this site to find information about where and how to volunteer or donate after a disaster in Utah. 

For local government and organizations: 
Need help with volunteer or donations management in the State of Utah? Call the State EOC 24-hour number 801-538-3400. 
Ask for the volunteer and donations coordination team. 

Remember, local governments handle volunteer and donations coordination first. If they need support, they may request support from their county. Counties can ask for state support as needed.  During times of large scale incidents involving multiple counties or incidents drawing heavy media attention, the state may activate the plan.  If the State offers support, the volunteer and donations coordination team and the plan will be activated. To review the plan, called Volunteer and Donations Management Support Annex D"  click "Documents to share" on your left. We have shared many helpful documents on this page. 

In the State of Utah, the VDCT committee determined the following during a whole community planning effort:
The lead member of the VDCT for Volunteer Management is UServeUtah, the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism.
The lead for Donations Management is the Adventist disaster response group.  This group holds an MOU with FEMA for donations management nationwide. 

Remember, most nonprofits have their own systems to receive volunteers and donations before and during disasters. Work directly with your chosen organizations as desired. This system is provided to help Utah manage unsolicited donations and unaffiliated volunteers during large scale incidents.