Please review the following notes which should answer several immediate questions about the format of the Design-Build templates, provide instructions on how to make suggestions to the template, and outline directions on how to download the documents in Word or Excel.

    1. Blue-font within these documents indicates that the language is project-specific, or optional, and may need to be revised accordingly. After the project-specific language has been inserted, the font should be changed to black (or automatic) prior to creating the final project-specific PDF.
    2. Black-font generally means that the language should remain as-is. No adjustments due to preferential grammar/vernacular or changes to active voice vs passive voice should be made (although those can be flagged and discussed with UDOT Innovative Contracting). There may be cases where black-font template language may need to be changed for project-specific needs. The UDOT Innovative Contracting Engineer must be made aware of those changes with justification provided.
    3. Highlighted-font generally contains text that needs to be reviewed for accuracy. This is intended to draw the author's attention to a reference or numerical value that might be overlooked within the text. The content of highlighted text should be checked for accuracy and corrected where necessary.
    4. We encourage you to make suggestions (tracked changed edits) or comments in the Google Docs version of the documents. UDOT anticipates reviewing those suggestions on a regular basis and potentially incorporating them into the template.
    5. For instructions on how to download the documents for project-specific use, navigate to the "DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS" page and follow the instructions. Please coordinate with UDOT Innovative Contracting before you begin your project RFP development.
    6. If you have extensive edits or recommended changes to the templates and you don't want to submit those through the suggestions and comments to the Google Docs version of the documents, you may coordinate with the Innovative Contracting Engineer to submit those changes in a Word version of the document.

Notable Template Changes

- The template is updated on a regular basis due to a number of reasons (updates to current practices, lessons learned from past projects, formatting clean up, etc.). Some of the significant changes are tracked and outlined for your reference on the following spreadsheet: Notable Template Changes