The DCFS Vision: Safe Children, Strengthened Families

Children must be protected from the trauma of abuse and neglect, and when safe to do so, protect them from the compounding trauma of removal from their families and the poor outcomes of foster care by utilizing in-home services.

About HomeWorks

HomeWorks is a set of evidence-based strategies, tools, and expectations that best support the safety, permanency, and well-being of children with their family.

The program is being developed with the support of policymakers, with funding and collaboration with Utah's Federal Title IV-E waiver child welfare demonstration project, Casey Family Programs, and Utah's Court Improvement Program (CIP).

Section I: Parental Resilience
Section 5: Social-Emotional Competence of Children
Section 2: Social Connections
Section 3: Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
Section 4: Concrete Support in Time of Need
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