What I have done so far:

-Installed Arabic Supporting Font (Now android reads arabic but no connected letters.) ا ل س ل ا م     ع ل ي ك م

-Build A custom Update.zip that changes the fonts Automatecally & provided the code to do it manually (Support all firmwares and all roms and no need to reset or wipe)

-Edit Custom roms to make them support Arabic Characters natively.

What I am doing now:

- Trying to Integrate Amr Gawish Reshaper to the system (Having issues with that.)

- Creating a custom ROM with Islamic Theme and custom splash screens (The fun & easy part!)

- Making a program for the project and will publish it in the Android Market

Just posted Download links BUT You must have ROOT access in order to change fonts (fonts are considered system files and you cannot change or remove it without root access - Root is like Administrator in Windown)


Ahmed Essam Blog  (The first to write the reshaper class)

Amr Gawish Blog (Updated the reshaper class and wrote the first Arabic SMS Reader)

DejaVu Fonts ( The Fonts I am using to Arabize Android)

*The fonts I used are under free License and the Arabic reshaper is open source.

Arabic Android by Aman Alshurafa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License