Workshop - Field Phenomics with Big Data -

This is a workshop planned by CSIRO (Australia) and The University of Tokyo (Japan) for field phenotyping. Anyone can come and join us. If you will participate, please register by the registration form.

The Aim of the Workshop

Phenotyping platforms and devices (e.g. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), field monitoring servers) are producing large-scale and spatiotemporal high-resolution data in the fields. Field phenomics using such "big data" is one of the most promising research area for tackling the forthcoming food crisis. In this workshop, we show several cases which aim at solving agricultural problems by developing techniques for phenotyping, breeding, management and etc.

Host and Supporter

Hosted by
    - CSIRO
    - The University of Queensland
    - The University of Tokyo
Supported by
    - International Cooperative Research Promotion Project/AFFRC