TD Probation Policy

The TD probation policy has been revised for the 2015-2016 season. The new policy is detailed below.

The Events Department expects all certified tournament directors to uphold all USQ policies, best practices, procedures, and regulations. Certified TDs are responsible for knowing and properly applying these policies, and for remaining up-to-date on any policy changes. 

Tournament directors who are found to have violated any USQ gameplay or events policy or best practice before, during, or after the organization and execution of any event will be subject to being placed on probation by the USQ Events Department. A TD who is on probation may not organize official or sanctioned events until they have cleared probation by meeting with the Events Director and the TD Certification Coordinator to discuss the challenges that they faced in planning their event, and the ways in which these challenges could have been avoided or remedied.

Tournament directors who violate any USQ gameplay or events policy or best practice who have previously been placed on probation (even if that probation has since been cleared) are subject to immediate revocation of their TD certification. In extreme cases, TDs who are found to have egregiously violated USQ policy may be subject to immediate revocation of their certification, without first being placed on probation. In all cases where a TD's certification is revoked, the duration of the revocation is subject to the USQ Events Department's discretion.