Game Background

At the February 2012 Naval Board meeting, the Naval Board directed the establishment of a war game as a method to address issues of concern for the Naval Services. NSG12 is intended to be a “proof of concept” for a recurring annual series. NSG12 will explore the problems associated with aggregating naval forces in response to an emerging contingency.

NSG12 Objective
Develop principles and identify potential gaps that result from the aggregation of naval forces beyond the ARG/MEU and CSG.

NSG12 uses a fictional 2014 scenario set in Southeast Asia with US forces engaged in a steady state. The geographic combatant commander orders the Service Components to respond to an initial crisis with forward deployed naval forces. As the situation escalates into a kinetic fight, a joint task force builds around the initial crisis response forces. The JTF grows to the MEB and multi-CSG level, with joint and special operations forces. Participants will play the game from the Service Component/JFMCC perspectives.