Distinguished Visitor Information

1. Naval Services Game 2012 (NSG12) 
The NSG12 will be held 11-13 September, in Newport, RI at the
Naval War College. Distinguished visitors are invited to attend on Thursday, 13 September, to view
the final out brief session and to participate in a facilitated discussion.

2. Background
 At the February 2012 Naval Board meeting, the Naval Board directed the Navy War
Gaming Department and the Marine Corps Wargaming Division to develop and execute a “proof of
concept” Navy/Marine Corps wargame that would permit the examination of issues of concern to
both services. In coordination with the Naval Board Secretariat, potential topics were solicited from
various staffs throughout the Navy and Marine Corps. After several follow-on discussions, Force
Aggregation was chosen as the topic for NSG 12.

3. Purpose
Explore the problems associated with aggregating naval forces in response to an emerging

4. Objective
Develop principles and identify potential gaps that result from the aggregation of naval
forces beyond the ARG/MEU and CSG.

5. Methodology 
The Navy and Marine Corps Wargaming staffs, in consultation with the Naval
Warfare Group (Ellis Group and Navy Warfare Group), have designed a game that examines a
series of research questions through the vantage point of three vignettes. The participants include
various stakeholders from the Navy and Marine Corps. A report will be produced by analysts
from both Wargaming staffs and provided to the Naval Warfare Group, who will present their
recommendations to the Naval Board.

6. Date and Location
    A. Thursday, 13 Sep 2012, McCarty Little Hall, Naval War College, Newport, RI
        i. Distinguished Visitor Participation (1200-1530)
            1. Distinguished Visitor In-briefs
            2. Final cell out briefs/discussion

7. Points of Contact 
The game director for this wargame is LtCol Hunter Kellogg,
hunter.kellogg@usnwc.edu or (401) 841-7363, and the assistant game director is Maj John
DeLateur, john.y.delateur@usmc.mil or (703) 432-4513.

8. Uniform
USN: Navy Working Uniform (NWU) or Khakis
Civilian: Business Casual (coat and tie not required)