Travel Support

A small number of travel stipends are available for people who would like to attend the regional town hall but are not otherwise able to travel for the meeting. These funds will be used to support participants who represent diverse disciplinary perspectives and organizations from across the Southeast region. If you would like to be considered for this funding, you should prepare a short statement (<250 words) describing your interest in attending the town hall meeting, your expected contributions from a scientific or assessment user perspective, what you hope to gain from the town hall meeting, and your anticipated travel needs (e.g., flight, hotel, car mileage). The workshop organizers will use these statements to select recipients of travel funds. Travel stipends are not available to support federal employees.

Statements must be submitted to Emily Therese Cloyd via email ( no later than Sunday, January 20 in order to be considered. Please use the subject line "Travel Stipend for NCA Southeast Regional Hall" as the subject line for your request.