National Climate Assessment Southeast Regional Town Hall Meeting
Overview of NCA Process, 2013 Draft Report Findings,
and Opportunities for Engagement in the Sustained Assessment
Tampa, FL | February 19, 2013

8:30 Check-in

8:45 Welcome (Video)
  • Karen Holbrook, Senior Vice President for Global Affairs & International Research, University of South Florida
  • Kala Vairavamoorthy, Dean, Patel College of Global Sustainability, University of South Florida
  • Allison Leidner, NASA Earth Science Division / Universities Space Research Association (Presentation)
9:00 Review of Purpose of Meeting and Background on the National Climate Assessment (NCA) (Presentation) (Video)
  • Emily Therese Cloyd, National Climate Assessment
9:30 Draft findings from the Third National Climate Assessment Report
  • Overarching Report Findings: Jayantha Obeysekara*, South Florida Water Management District (Presentation) (Video)
  • Southeast Region draft findings: Jim Jones (Convening Lead Author), University of Florida (Video)
  • Water Resources draft findings: Aris Georgakakos* (Convening Lead Author), Georgia Tech (Presentation) (Video)
  • Human Health draft findings: George Luber* (Convening Lead Author), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Video)
  • Coastal draft findings: Jim Murley (Lead Author), South Florida Regional Planning Council (Presentation) (Video)
  • Adaptation draft findings: Lynne Carter* (Lead Author), Louisiana State University (Video)
  • Keith Ingram, Southeast Climate Consortium
12:00 Lunch break

12:45  The Sustained Assessment Process: How can the NCA continue into the future? (Presentation) (Video)
  • Fred Lipschultz, NASA Earth Science Division / National Climate Assessment
1:00 Panel Session: Building Assessment Capacity in the Southeast United States (Video)
  • Moderator: Camille Coley*, Florida Atlantic University
  • Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments: Keith Ingram, Southeast Climate Consortium (Presentation)
  • Sea Grant: LaDon Swann, Mississippi - Alabama Sea Grant
  • Water Management: Gerald Seeber, Tampa Bay Water
2:00 Small Group Discussions
  • Participants will break into sector-focused groups for discussion. The anticipated outcome of these small group discussions is to identify what assessment users hope to get from the National Climate Assessment and what they can contribute to assessment efforts. An essential part of the session will be identifying concrete actions that are taking place or could take place at the region, sector, and/or national level – what capacities already exist, what capacities are needed, and how to develop those capacities. 
3:30 Synthesis Speaker: Nancy Gassman, Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department (Video)

3:50 Report from Small Groups (Presentation) (Video

4:00 Adjourn

* Indicates a member of the National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee