Tuesday, March 12, 2013 | Portland, OR

UPDATE! The workshop report is available here.

UPDATE! Please visit the Agenda page to download presentations from the town hall meeting.

UPDATE! Watch and listen to portions of the NCA Northwest Town Hall. Full stream available below, or go to the Agenda page for links to specific clips.
The Draft Third National Climate Assessment is now available for download and public comment at http://ncadac.globalchange.gov.

This day-long town hall meeting will bring together approximately 100 climate change experts and users of climate change information, including participants from academia; local, state, tribal, and federal governments; non-profit organizations; and business and industry. As a participant in this meeting, you will have the opportunity to:

·         Learn about the National Climate Assessment, the process leading to production of the Third National Climate Assessment Report, and the ways in which you can contribute to its review

·         Talk with report authors, members of the National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee, and National Climate Assessment staff about how the information provided in National Climate Assessment products is and can be used in various decision making contexts

·         Share knowledge and information about local and regional efforts to study and respond to the impacts of climate change in the Northwest

·         Collaborate with other meeting participants to identify ways that you and your community can participate in the long-term National Climate Assessment process

A primary goal for the National Climate Assessment is to establish permanent assessment capacity both inside and outside of the federal government. Building on two previous National Climate Assessment Reports (2000 and 2009), the US Global Change Research Program has established the National Climate Assessment as an ongoing process that engages people and organizations across the country in creating and maintaining the information infrastructure needed to conduct sustained assessments that improve our country’s ability to understand, anticipate, and respond to climate change impacts and vulnerabilities.

The town hall will consist of both plenary panels and small group discussions. During the plenary session, National Climate Assessment authors and staff will provide an overview of the National Climate Assessment process, present preliminary findings from the Draft Third National Climate Assessment Report, and explain how members of the public may comment on the Draft Report (available from http://ncadac.globalchange.gov). Additional speakers will highlight local and regional efforts to assess and respond to climate change, and will explore the ways in which efforts in the Northwest are linked to the National Climate Assessment and vice versa. During the small group discussion time, you will have an opportunity share your own expertise and insights related to climate, assessments, and decision making in the context of climate change, and to suggest and plan pathways to build sustained assessment capacity in the Northwest.

Confirmed speakers for the National Climate Assessment Northwest Regional Town Hall include:

·         Jennifer Allen, Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University

·         Philip Mote, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University; Director,  Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI); Director, Oregon Climate Services; National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee

·         Amy Snover, Director, Climate Impacts Group (CIG) and Assistant Dean, College of the Environment, University of Washington; Convening Lead Author for NCA chapter on Northwest

A small number of travel stipends are available for people who would like to attend the regional town hall but are not otherwise able to travel for the meeting. Information about how to apply for a stipend is available from the Travel Support page. Applications for travel support are due by Monday, February 18.

There is no charge to attend this meeting, but space is limited – so register soon! I sincerely hope that you will be able to join us for the National Climate Assessment Northwest Regional Town Hall. If you know of others who might be interested in this session, please share this invitation with them.

If you have any questions about the meeting, or about the National Climate Assessment more generally, please contact me at ecloyd@usgcrp.gov. You can also find more information about the National Climate Assessment online at http://assessment.globalchange.gov.




Emily Therese Cloyd

Public Participation and Engagement Coordinator, National Climate Assessment

US Global Change Research Program

Organizing Committee:

Ginger Armbrust, University of Washington

Meghan Dalton, Oregon State University

Paul Fleming, Seattle Public Utilities

Peter Kareiva, The Nature Conservancy

Melissa Lucash, Portland State University

Phil Mote, Oregon State University

TC Richmond, Van Ness Feldman GordonDerr

Robert Scheller, Portland State University

Amy Snover, University of Washington

Funding for the National Climate Assessment Northwest Regional Town Hall is provided through a grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration