NCAnet: Building a network of networks to support the National Climate Assessment

We invite you join the National Climate Assessment (NCA) in NCAnet, a network of organizations working with the NCA to engage producers and users of assessment information across the United States. Participants extend the NCA process and products to a broad audience through the development of assessment-related capacities and products, such as collection and synthesis of data or other technical and scientific information relevant to current and future NCA reports, dissemination of NCA report findings to various users of assessment information, engagement of assessment information producers and users, supporting NCA events, and producing communications materials related to the NCA and NCA report findings. 

Recruitment for NCAnet began in Fall 2011, and the first meeting of NCAnet partners was held in January 2012. On April 13, 2012, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration published a Federal Register Notice announcing the establishment of and inviting expanded participation in NCAnet.

We hope that after reviewing the information available on this website and attending a short presentation (either in person or via webinar), your organization will consider joining NCAnet. Organizations may join the network at any time.

More information about the National Climate Assessment and NCAnet can be found in "An Overview of NCAnet" and on the following pages:

Questions about NCAnet
Information about and for NCAnet partner organizations

If you have questions about the National Climate Assessment or about NCAnet, please contact Katie Reeves, Engagement and Communications Lead, at