The agenda is available for download here. Presentations from the meeting are linked below, and all meeting materials are available on the Meeting Materials page.


As a result of participating the a Regional Town Hall, participants will
- Be familiar with the NCA report development process and with the sustained assessment process 
- Know how to submit online comments on the 2013 NCA draft report 
- Understand the purpose of a sustained assessment process, and suggest ways they may want to contribute to it

8:00 Check-in

8:45 Welcome

  • James Duderstadt, University of Michigan President Emeritus

9:00 Review of Purpose of Meeting and Background on the National Climate Assessment (NCA) 

  • Rosina Bierbaum*, University of Michigan

9:30 Draft Findings from the Third NCA Report

  • Moderator: Marie O'Neill*, University of Michigan
  • Midwest Region draft findings: Charles Downer, Lead Author, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Agriculture draft findings: Gene Takle, Convening Lead Author, Iowa State University
  • Adaptation draft findings: Missy Stults, Contributing Author, University of Michigan
  • Land Use and Land Cover Change draft findings: Dan Brown, Convening Lead Author, University of Michigan
  • Transportation draft findings: John Posey*, Lead Author, East-West Gateway Council of Governments

11:45  Midwest Technical Input Report

  • Julie Winkler, Michigan State University

11:30  The Sustained Assessment Process: How can the NCA continue into the future?

  • Emily Therese Cloyd, National Climate Assessment

12:00  Lunch break

1:00 Panel Session: Building Assessment Capacity in the Midwest

Panelists will discuss capabilities that exist within the region, how to build connections between producers and users of assessments, and how to balance goals of assessment (synthesizing science and providing useful/usable information for decision making).

2:00 Small Group Discussions 

Participants will break into sector-focused groups for discussion. The anticipated outcome of these small group discussions is to identify what assessment users hope to get from the National Climate Assessment and what they can contribute to assessment efforts. An essential part of the session will be identifying concrete actions that are taking place or could take place at the region, sector, and/or national level – what capacities already exist, what capacities are needed, and how to develop those capacities.

3:30 Synthesis Speaker

  • Jeff Andresen, State of Michigan Climatologist

3:50 Headlines from Small Groups and Final Wrap-up

4:00 Adjourn

* Indicates a member of the National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee