8:30 Check-in

8:45 Welcome

  • Don Wilhite, Professor of Applied Climate Science
  • Ronnie Green, Vice Chancellor, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Vice President, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Prem Paul, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

9:00 Review of Purpose of Meeting and Background on the National Climate Assessment (NCA) 

  • Glynis Lough, NCA Chief of Staff

9:30 Draft Findings from the Third NCA Report

  • Moderator: Don Wilhite

    Part I: Reports from Chapter Authors

  • Great Plains Region & Adaptation: Shannon McNeeley
  • Agriculture: Gene Takle
  • Land Use: Roger Kroh
  • Tribal, Indigenous, and Native Lands and Resources: Bob Gough
    Part II: Reflections from the Region
  • Water Resources: Roberto Lenton, Water for Food Institute, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Human Health: Andrew Jameton, College of Public Health, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Forestry: Scott Josiah, Nebraska State Forester

11:45  The Sustained Assessment Process: How can the NCA continue into the future?

  • Glynis Lough, NCA

12:00  Lunch break

1:00 Panel Session: Building Assessment Capacity in the Great Plains

  • Moderator: Martha Shulski
  • 2012 Drought and Outlook for 2013: Mark Svoboda, National Drought Mitigation Center
  • NOAA Climate Services: Doug Kluck, NOAA
  • North Central Climate Science Center: Shannon McNeeley

2:00 Small Group Discussions

  • Participants will break into sector-focused groups for discussion. The anticipated outcome of these small group discussions is to identify what assessment users hope to get from the National Climate Assessment and what they can contribute to assessment efforts. An essential part of the session will be identifying concrete actions that are taking place or could take place at the region, sector, and/or national level – what capacities already exist, what capacities are needed, and how to develop those capacities.

3:30 Synthesis Speaker

  • Tala Awada, Interim Director, School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

3:50 Final Wrap-up

4:00 Adjourn