This is the "resources" website for both sections of CS 107 Computing, Robots, and the Web (Android Programming Edition) for Spring 2011. On this website, you can find tutorials, lecture notes, and links to student portfolios. For section-specific announcements, calendar, and documents, please visit the course websites below:
We are using a pre-publication draft of "App Inventor: Create Your Own Android Apps" by David Wolber, Hal Abelson, Ellen Spertus, and Liz Looney for this course. You can see this book draft at:
I will also link to individual chapters as we cover them on the Lectures page.


Check out the gallery of final projects! We had some great apps this semester!


The “Android Programming Edition” of this course uses Android phones as the robots of the course, and emphasizes mobile programming as an extension of the ubiquitous web. This edition of the course began as a pilot program offered by Google to select universities in 2009. Google provided 20 Android phones and early access to App Inventor, a visual programming language for creating mobile applications.

Students will be using these phones and App Inventor to develop mobile applications for their portfolio. Students do not need prior programming experience to take this course. This class focuses on providing a gentle introduction to computing in a fun environment. Students will also develop problem-solving skills and gain valuable experience working with computers, mobile platforms, and the Internet—all of which are valuable no matter what discipline you choose.