III. Data-Driven Analytics / Business Intelligence

Data-Driven Analytics & Business Intelligence is about "discovering the story the data wants to tell you".
More formally, Data-Driven Analytics & Business Intelligence refers to tools that operate on data stored in a spreadsheet. The analyst executes standardized manipulations, algorithms or mathematics to selected data. The result is summary numbers, charts, or projections that provide business insight and inform decision-making.

This area has no standard nomenclature. It is not obvious how best to distinguish among the techniques of "data mining", "business intelligence",
"business analytics","predictive analytics" and so forth. In this website, "Statistics" refers to summarizing and interpreting a data set and applying statistical tests; "Data Mining" refers to searching for patterns in data; "Business Intelligence" refers to aggregation and disaggregation techniques such as roll up, drill-down, drill-across and so forth.

In general, the analyst who knows precisely what she needs to do will find the right tool more quickly than an analyst who is chasing a buzzword.

For more on the nomenclature confusion, see Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, Misconceptions About Statistics and The Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Glossary.