Coaching Mission & Vision

It is the mission and vision of the Technology & Instruction Integration Coaching team to develop the expertise and leadership of teachers we serve, while also growing ourselves. As a coaching team, we will support teachers of all levels through providing resources, sharing and modeling effective instructional practices, and providing productive feedback to those we coach. We will increase student learning and achievement through data analysis, goal setting, differentiation, implementing literacy, helping teachers provide data-driven and standards-based instruction, and collaborative planning. We will help integrate effective technology that supports instruction and learning. We will help promote a positive school culture and build a community of learners. Ultimately, our work will empower teachers and students as they excel towards instructional and academic excellence.

The objective of our challenges is to create Professional Learning that:

  • recognizes teachers as learners. 
  • models differentiated learning needed for all types of 21st century learners.
  • is personalized. 
  • allows flexibility to differentiate with district-wide initiatives.
  • is continuous, engaging, and relevant to application in the classroom.
  • promotes teacher leadership and empowers teachers to design their own learning.
  • places the learning needs of our teachers first.
  • has goal-based challenges.
  • models the melding of technology and instruction.
  • motivates teachers toward practical application and classroom implementation in order to skip over the “knowing-doing” gap.
  • allows teachers to accomplish the same goals, but follow different learning paths.