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Hey fellow Leoti Indians! I am the WCJSHS Newsletter's first editor. Mrs. Reed's Yearbook class this year has an abundance of students, so we are going to attempt to produce  a newsletter at least once a  month. This will be a learning experience for everyone in yearbook. The first couple of newsletters we send out will be a little rough until we find what works. I hope to  improve in information and new ideas each time.
    If you have any ideas or comments, feel welcome to share it with a member of the Yearbook or message us on Facebook at Leoti Indians.
By the Editor Dylon Niswonger 

High School Track Field.

Coach Melh says that the track field will be done in April 14 just in time for the JH track meet.

When we had the snow days they did get a little behind. The workers were  not able to work with the materials being cold. For the track to come out well  they need the weather to be warm and not cold. They are over halfway done with the field base of the track.. During the winter time they won't be able to work on the track field do to the weather. After winter is over, they will put the finishing touches on the track field.

By Rozbel Resendez

It’s a New Year

I hope the Christmas Break has you feeling re-energized and ready for a new year and the second half of our school year. A couple more months and you will be a sophomore, a junior, a big senior, or even finished with high school altogether. This second half of the year will indeed be a fun one. However, we can't forget the fun and great memories we made for this school back in ole’ 2015

Roughly five months ago we attended our first day of school for the 2015-2016 school year. It has been an eventful half of the school year with activities and adjusting to new experiences. The first weeks of adjusting consisted of football and volleyball scrimmages and  FFA events such as Land Judging. Indian Football had a big win over Johnson and the Cross Country Team earned 2nd at State. Chill Day was lots of fun and I’m sure everyone over-ate during the Fall Break. The Musical was very entertaining and packed so much life into one hour. STUCO also had a Veterans Day Breakfast, which was a huge hit. Closer to Christmas Break, we began basketball and wrestling and have had success in both. Please follow our athletic team in this new year. Support goes a long way.

It was a busy first half. We all thankfully survived and now it's time to buckle down and finish the school year strong. I have faith it will be a great year and I hope we can all make just as many memories this year as we made before. Have a great new year everyone.

By Dylon Niswonger

Top 10 Teen Gifts

By Shyla Mason

  1. headphones

  2. adult coloring books

  3. smartphone projector

  4. phone cases

  5. smartphone speakers

  6. watches

  7. shoes

  8. athletic clothes

  9. gift cards

  10. game of phones

This was compiled from various websites.

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