Welcome to my Digital Classroom!

This website is designed to be your ultimate resource for everything that happens in the worlds of Chemistry, Algebra II, Calculus, and Physics. I'll do my best to post assignment sheets, sample problems, quiz/test dates, and other useful pieces to my courses. I'll even put pictures up when I get the chance, as everyone likes to see a good lab in action!

Of course, feel free to contact me with specific ideas, questions, or concerns.

Hope it is helpful!

Mr. Adam Robb
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EDUCREATIONS! What a cool tool! I will be using an iPad to create digital whiteboard lessons that will be posted in my Educreations classes. You will need to register the first time, but shouldn't have to after that. Links to register are on the left, highlighted in yellow. I'm really excited about this great educational resource!

2018 - 2019 Schedule

 1st hr
 8 - 8:51 AM
 Algebra II
 2nd hr
 8:54 - 9:45 AM
 Algebra II
 3rd hr
 9:48 - 10:39 AM
 4th hr
 10:42 - 11:33 AM
 5th hr
 11:36 AM - 12:52 PM
 6th hr
 12:55 - 1:46 PM
 7th hr
 1:49 - 2:40 PM
 8th hr
 2:43 - 3:20 PM

5th hour includes 25 minutes for lunch and 51 minutes for class. Each passing period is 3 minutes.

Connect with me via Remind! Remind is a service that allows me to send you text messages (anonymously – I won’t see your number, you won’t see mine) to remind you of upcoming events, tests, deadlines, etc. If you text in your phone number, you will then receive reminders that are pertinent to your classes! Depending on the class(es) you are in, you will use the following codes: @mhs-alg2 for Algebra 2, @mhs-chem for Chemistry, @mhs-phys for Physics, and @mhs-calc for Calculus. Send a text with this message to 81010 and follow the instructions to subscribe. It is easy and free. Your parents/guardians can sign up as well!