Welcome to the Osage City Middle School Art Department. Osage City is a small community approximately thirty-five miles south of Topeka, Kansas.  There are approximately150 students at the middle school level.
Currently, Middle school students have the opportunity to take a semester of art in 6th grade and on a choice basis in 7th & 8th grade.  Projects at all levels strongly emphasize the elements of art and design.


Our goals in the art department are to increase students' aesthetic awareness and appreciation of the visual arts through exploration, observation, and evaluation, to develop students' creativity and self-expression through different media, and to enhance students' problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills. The curriculum is based on the National Visual Art Standards.
Please visit our Gallery to see the variety of media and projects by our students. To find out more about Osage City Elementary & Middle School you may visit its site at www.usd420.org.

Middle School Art Schedule

White Days:  7th Grade Art 1:51-2:35
                    8th Grade Art 2:37-3:20
Red Days:     6th Grade Art 1:51-2:35
                    8th Grade Art 2:37-3:20

"We cannot live without art. It is everywhere - it surrounds every aspect of our society. Art has so permeated our daily lives that we often are unaware of its presence. It is a powerful economic force - from fashion to architecture, from the creation and design in every manufactured product we use in our daily lives. Visual art is used to achieve a multitude of purposes; it can entertain and beautify; it can teach our persuade."

Author: Unknown