Fab Five


The purpose of FAB FIVE is to increase the students’ knowledge of their multiplication facts.  At the end of fourth grade they should know all multiplication facts from 0-12.  This knowledge is necessary for them to feel confident and successful as math difficulty increases.


If your son or daughter practices their multiplication facts at home for a MINIMUM of five minutes, please sign your initials in one of the small boxes found on the card in the back of their planner.  You can only sign the card ONE time everyday, even if they practice more then once.  When the entire card is filled they earn a prize.

They can practice using flashcards; which can be printed off the internet, made with note cards, or purchased from a store (like Wal-mart).  They also get Fab Five credit if they play a multiplication fact game on the computer, or if someone quizzes them on their facts.

Website for Flash Cards    Click Here