Sterling Schools Online Enrollment

Online enrollment will have several “pieces” which will need to be done in order to complete the enrollment process. They are described below.  If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to email Terry Robson at with your questions.

  1. GoEdustar
    Sterling Schools’ student information system is GoEdustar, and within its databases is a lot of information about your children, some of which needs to be verified and/or updated at enrollment.  Here’s the link for directions on what to do:

    NOTE: This step does NOT have to be completed before moving on to the next ones.

  2. Other Information
    In addition to the GoEdustar data, our school office also needs to have other information from you concerning your children.  You’ll enter this information through a couple of surveys.  The first is Enrollment Form #1 (below) and only needs to be complete ONCE per family.  The second is Enrollment Form #2 and needs to be completed for EACH of your children enrolling in Sterling Schools.  The first survey will automatically link you to the second, and at the end of the second, you’ll be offered a link to complete the second survey again for another of your children.  You may choose to do that immediately, or you may return to the second survey at a later time from this page if it’s more convenient for you.

    3. Home Language Survey (ONLY for families new to the Sterling district)
           The following survey needs to be completed for each of your children who will be enrolled in Sterling

     4. Payment of Fees
           You may pay your enrollment fees online if you wish.  There is a $2.50 transaction fee charged for paying
           online to cover the cost of offering this service.  More information is available by clicking the following link:

EZ School Pay            
            If you prefer to pay in person, please feel free to pay at each school that your children attend.  Payment of             fees for Grade School students should be made by 8/8/2017 and fees for Jr/Sr High School students
should be paid by 8/7/2017.