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English I

. . . is filled student-focused English activities including book clubs, poetry and pop culture/rap music analysis, short fiction reading and writing, non-fiction exploration (including Elie Wiesel's Night) and research, as well as journals, projects, presentations, films, and other hands-on activities like dramatic performances.

English II

. . . consists of units and topics about diversity and individuality.  Expect to read and write about short stories, poems, informational texts, and literary fiction and nonfiction like To Kill a Mockingbird and In Cold Blood.  Brace yourselves!

English III

. . . will prepare you for college English 101/102 while we cover the art of rhetoric and persuasion through semester one's survey of American literature from the foundations of our country through the present day: looking at how equality and freedom have shaped over time will positively empower your understanding of what it means to be a great reader and persuasive, outspoken speaker and writer. During the second semester, we will focus on a student-selected topic of interest while learning ELA concepts: heroes and mythology.

English IV

. . . is pulling out all the stops to prepare you for a career or post-secondary education.  We will explore careers and workplace writing throughout the year in addition to a survey of British literature that will further prepare you for college English 101/102 and strengthen your appreciation for our eclectic language.  Second-semester special focus: war literature.

Composition IA/IIA*
. . . is brand new for the 2018-2019 school year! Students electing to enroll in this class have the opportunity to earn up to six credit hours of concurrent credit through Hutchinson Community College. Those wishing to challenge themselves but who don't want to pay for credit are also encouraged to take this class. Expect an intense focus on formal, college-level writing and reading and up to six hours of homework per week.

For all classes: The course syllabus and other documents are available to you through your student at Google Classroom.

*Students who enroll at HCC become college students and a FERPA waiver must be on file for parent-teacher communication. Otherwise, students are responsible for all grade and coursework communications with the instructor.

About Mr. Whitman

Mr. Nathan Whitman

Mr. Whitman is a seventh-year teacher at Burrton High School who has a Master of Arts in English Literature, a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English 6-12, and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, as well as an endorsement in English for Speakers of Other Languages. 

In addition to heading the school's Kansas Association for Youth club, he is a junior class sponsor.

He is also Co-Editor of the Voices of Kansas journal published by the Kansas Association of Teachers of English.