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Monthly Scholarship Newsletter

January 2019 Scholarship Notes

Happy New Year and welcome back!!!! Please find linked below the January 2019 OHS Scholarship Due Date calendar. You'll find two scholarships due within the next two weeks. Links to each also provided below. Both of these scholarships are administered by sources outside OHS but I wanted to make you aware of their availability. Applications are due to the organizations as indicated on the calendar and within the linked websites.

The remaining local scholarship due dates will begin February 1. If I become aware of scholarships due prior to that, I will email and post to this page. Be sure to check your emails and this page often this semester. Time will go very quickly and there will be a lot of information shared. I plan to email and publish calendars no later than the 15th of each month prior to the next month. Remember, most local scholarship applications need to be turned in directly to me. Be sure to do this by the due date indicated on the calendar. Submitting applications early is totally acceptable. (Do wait until all fall semester grades and transcripts are finalized before submitting your first local applications to me.) Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns throughout the semester. 

Best wishes for 2019 and the second semester of your senior year!!!! 

Mrs. Stout-Rhine

OHS Local Scholarship Due Date Calendars

Scholarships DUE January 2019
Miami County 4-H Foundation Scholarship---DUE to Miami County Extension Office January 14. See the website linked to title for details.  

Mensa Scholarship---Online application DUE January 15Applicants must complete the online application, including an essay describing their career, vocational or academic goals. Essays must be no longer than 550 words. See the website linked to title for further explanation. 

Scholarship DUE March 2019 (not included on Local Calendar)
Westar Energy Craft Scholarship---DUE to Westar Energy March 1. See website linked to title for details. 

The Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship---DUE to Tortoise Capital Advisors March 1. Awarded annually to high school seniors and college students who have demonstrated an interest in entrepreneurship. The scholarship is sponsored by Tortoise Capital Advisors and aims to foster entrepreneurship among today’s youth. See website linked to title for details. 

The following scholarships have been added to those available---

STANTON ADAMS FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP---This scholarship is provided by Mr. & Mrs. Stanton Adams and is intended to assist an Osawatomie High School graduate pursuing a degree in education. Mr. & Mrs. Adams have been longtime supporters of the students of USD #367. Mr. Adams is an Osawatomie High School Alumni and has served on the Osawatomie Board of Education for 36 years. An application is required.

ROBERT L. COOK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP---This scholarship has been established by the family of Robert L. Cook to honor his memory. Mr. Cook was an Osawatomie High School Alumni, began his teaching career in Osawatomie in 1976, was the principal at Osawatomie East Elementary School from 1980-1994, then served as USD #367 Superintendent until his retirement in 2007. He supported the students of USD #367 for more than 30 years in countless ways. The scholarship is intended to assist a student planning to pursue an education degree. An application is required. 

WAYNE SCHWALM MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP---This scholarship has been established in memory of Mr. Wayne Schwalm and is intended to assist an Osawatomie High School graduate pursuing a degree in a computer or automobile field. Mr. Schwalm owned and operated several Sonics in the area for 30 years. He was a longtime supporter of the students of USD #367. He employed hundreds of Osawatomie High School students over the years and was very active as a troop leader for the Boy Scout and Cub Scout programs in the community. An application is required.

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