Facility Use Form and Guidelines

Facilities Usage Guidelines

USD #366 Facilities Request  

Thank you for completing this request for your special event.  The Board of Education and USD #366 administration believes our schools should support our patrons beyond meeting the educational needs of our students.  The guidelines printed on the back of this page are designed protect the facilities that our public has worked so hard to provide.  Questions may be directed to Mr. Greg Brown, Superintendent.                                                                        

Woodson USD #366 Facility Usage Guidelines                                           (Approved March 14, 2016)


1.     U.S.D. #366 encourages the use of school buildings and facilities by groups within the community.

2.     Requests for use of school facilities will be made at the District Office by filing a Building Use Form at least seven days prior to the date of use.

3.     The use of school facilities for school purposes, meetings of students, and other organizations affiliated with the schools shall have precedence over all others.

4.     The district reserves the right to require renters to provide uniformed security for the event.

5.     The group using the building will be responsible for disciplining its own members and will be responsible for any damage to the building or equipment. 

6.     Groups receiving permission to use building are restricted to the dates and times approved and to the building area and facilities specified, unless requested changes are approved by the district office personnel.

7.     Groups using the building are responsible for the observance of city, county, and state fire and safety regulations at all times.

8.     The use of alcoholic beverages, profane language, or gambling in any form is not permitted on school property. Smoking is not permitted on school property.

9.     On days when school is closed because of snow or other unforeseen circumstances, all outside group activities scheduled for that day will be cancelled or postponed.

10.  Arrangement for the use of special equipment such as projectors, video equipment, piano, public address systems, scoreboards, or other equipment must be made at the time the facility use request is filed.

11.  Due to expense and complexity of the kitchen equipment, using the school’s ovens, mixers, dishwashers, or other equipment is prohibited unless the renter has requested the assignment of a food service employee or received special training from our food service staff.  Rate for use of employee is $20.00 per hour

12.  If there is a need for custodial or maintenance assistance for the event, the rate for use of employee is $20.00 per hour.  

13.  The board will cooperate with recognized agencies, such as the Red Cross and Civil Defense and will make suitable facilities available during community emergencies.

14.  In situations where repeated, regularly scheduled usage is requested, usage fees may be negotiated with the superintendent and outlined on a usage contract.  

15.  The facility use request will be reviewed annually by the board of education.

16.  Payment shall be made to the board through the district clerk.

17.  The district may require a proof of liability insurance from any renter.

18.  Individuals from the public (non-business) are encouraged to use district computer equipment when available during school hours. The administration will determine appropriate training and charges for this usage.

19.  Permission must be granted from the building principal before any district equipment is removed from the school grounds. A deposit fee may be established for this use.

The district reserves the right to deny usage or to charge a rental fee to private groups whose primary reason for renting the facility is to make a financial gain. The district also reserves the right to cancel any permission grante

USD #366 Facilities Request