National DAR JAC Contest Winners Announced


By: Kley Tschetter

The Holcomb High School winners of the DAR JAC 2018 contest have been announced. DAR JAC stands for Daughters of the American Revolution Junior American Citizens. The theme for this year was “The 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing--America’s Greatest Move Forward in Exploration and Technology.” These projects were completed in Ms. Pat Van Dolah’s classes. The latest winners include the following:

Third Place at Nationals:

Bailey Unruh, 9th grade poster

12th grade banner: Alex Rodriguez, Kyrah Lozano, Yessenia Hernandez, Nicolas Varner, & Zion Mason.

Hannah Yost, 9th grade short story, 2nd place at South Central Division

Second Place at Nationals:

Kolby Johnson, 9th grade short story

Isaiah Mondragon, 9th grade short story

Exxi Unruh, 9th grade stamp design

10th grade banner: Jacob Davis, Jara Garcia, Aaron Garcia, Ariana Jimenez, & Hugo Guzman

11th grade banner: Celina Aldana, Terecita Vasquez, Melissa Almaraz, & Breanna Wilson

First Place at Nationals:

Johnnie “JT” Coates, 9th grade poem

Karenna Swart, 12 grade stamp design

9th grade banner: Draven Brungardt, Ella Stoppel, Ellie Mueller, Race Ardery, & Jace Novack

9th grade banner: Arely Guerrero, Julissa Rodriguez, & Jenessa Santoyo

10th grade banner: Gavin Ramirez, Isabella Armstrong, & Jordyn Zapata

12th grade banner: Megan Hartley, Yair Ruiz, Kendrick Wallace, Ashley Ibarra, & Taylor Schiltz

12 grade banner: Kourtney Cole, Peace Phillips, Abraxas Smith, & Carmen Edmonds.

All winners received certificates, & national winners placing first through third received medals on ribbons.

First place national winners take a picture together.

El Dorado Swim Meet


By: Adi George

The swim team girls are getting ready to finish up the season and have complete their last meet before WAC. Many of the swimmers took off time in El Dorado this last Saturday. The relay team took off 4 seconds with Lauren Jones, McKee Blackburn, Ella Stoppel and Ashlynn Powers swimming.

Anny Froese took off 9 seconds during her 200 freestyle race and Ella Stoppel took 3 seconds off her 100 back. Ashlynn Powers took off 3 seconds on her 100 free and 1 second of her breast stroke.

Run Fast or Be Last

By: Jasmine Palacios


On Tuesday, April 30, the track team headed over to Garden City High School to compete. The Holcomb Tracksters fought hard in the events he or she took part in. Some athletes were successful, but the coaches, managers, and teammates are all proud of everyone for working hard at the end of each track meet.

Junior, Darien Mader, said, “I had a few PR’s and there was tough competition which made it fun.”

Here are the results for placing 1st-5th at the Garden City track meet:

Swim Meet in Hutchinson


By: Adi George

The Holcomb Swim Team swam on Tuesday, April 30, in Hutchinson KS. The girls worked hard and did great. Lauren Jones cut 3 seconds off her 200 freestyle and Anny Frose took off 10 seconds from her breaststroke.

Malea Janda swam the 100 breaststroke for the first time this season with a time of 1:41:28. Ella Stoppel placed 8th in her first time swimming the backstroke and scored 4 points for the team.

Freshman Ella Stoppel says, “We had a really long day but, I think we all did awesome!”

Clay Projects

By: Tiffanie Wadel


On Friday, April 5, Mr. Novack’s art classes started working on a new project. Each student chose something that they wanted to make out of clay. Every student chose to make something different. The theme is pop art and the sculpture has to have one dimension of at least 8 inches.

After everyone chose what they wanted to make they planned how they were going to make it on a piece of paper. Once the paper was approved by Mr. Novack they got their clay and started working.

Zephyn Mason, sophomore, said “It’s very messy but fun”

Jacob Davis with his cheeseburger sculpture.


By Ella Stoppel


The girls swim team swam at Great Bend on April 25th. The first relay which included Ella Stoppel, Ashlynn Powers, Lauren Jones and McKee Blackburn, placed high. In the 50 freestyle Lauren Jones added some time, but still placed 5th. Lauren Jones also added some time on the 100 butterfly, but still placed high. Ashlynn Powers took time off of both of her events. In the 100 free she took off 5 seconds and in the 100 breaststroke she took off 2 seconds.

The girls just had a meet in Hutchison on April 30th. They now only have 2 meets left. Their next meet is in El Dorado on May 4th. After that they have their last meet in Great Bend on May 9th.

Adison George said “It has been a great season”.

Malea Janda swimming backstroke.

There’s Nothing Soft About Softball

By: Maddie Roth


On Thursday, April 25, the Varsity and JV Softball team played the Cimarron Bluejays. Ryleigh McVey was the only pitcher for Varsity due to Blair Holliday being injured.

During the fourth inning of the first game, Holcomb had 3 runners: Ezariah Rodriguez, Peyton Blackburn, and Jordyn Sayre. Pitcher, Ryleigh McVey, struck out 7 players from Cimarron. Sadly, the game ended with a score of 12-5.

During the third inning of the second game, Holcomb scored 3 runs. Ryleigh McVey and Jordyn Sayre all hit singles. The second game also resulted in a loss of 20-4.

Coach Barrett said, “I'm looking for us to bounce back and hopefully get everyone or almost everyone back and healthy. We want to end our season at home, with a couple W's.”

Hopefully next week when the Lady Longhorns play school rival, Scott City, they’ll make a comeback. Come out and support the softball team at the Sonnie Baird softball fields on April 30. Both JV and Varsity games will start at 4 p.m.

Coach Barrett high-fiving the girls after the second inning.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

By: Jasmine Palacios


The 2019-2020 dance team has been formed! A three-day dance clinic was held on April 8th, 9th, and 10th. Seniors Jasmine Palacios and Alex Brungardt choreographed and taught a dance, as well as helped the newcomers on techniques. The criteria for tryouts were a leap, a turn, a volleyball roll, and of course the dance. The girls had to perform each of these in front of the judges individually, and come back as a group to perform just the dance.

Incoming seniors will be Lexus Springsteen and DaNai Perkins, and sophomores Sadie Springsteen, Ana Macias, Jara Garcia, Brooke Seirer, Morgan Hammond, Jenessa Santoyo, and Melissa Almaraz.

Junior, Lexus Springsteen, said, “I am really excited about being on the dance team for senior year! It is going to be a very bittersweet experience this being my fourth and final year of dancing at the high school but I can’t wait to get started!”

The dance team performs at half time at home football and basketball games. Be sure to come out and cheer them on as well as all other sports next year!

After Prom

By: Ashley Villagran


When prom was over, students were allowed to leave and change clothes for After Prom. After prom was at the high school from 12:00 a.m. to 3:30 a.m.

At the high school, they had food for the students. In the gym they had an inflatable obstacle course and students were able to play basketball. They also had a money machine in the gym where seniors could win money. They had a series of games that students could play and win prizes. Some of the prizes were a TV, coolers, coffee machine, markers, and money.

Derek Mesa said, “After Prom was so much fun, me friends and I played the most intense game of ping pong for like an hour that had us all dying of laughter.”

Violet Martinez said, “I had fun at After Prom and liked all the prizes I won. My favorite part was racing Jaden in the inflatable obstacle course.”

Teryn Teeter said, “I thought After Prom was just okay. My favorite part was being around all my friends and making memories.”

Students playing games to win prizes

Softball against SWH

By: Kyrah Lozano


Our softball girls had their first game at home on April 4th, and it was a success! The girls won both games. The score for the first game was 19-4 and the second game was 16-1.

“In our first game, we played as a team and supported each other in and outside the dugout.” said Ezariah Rodriguez.

“They all connected and talked to each other as one.” said by the varsity manager, Ana Resendiz.

The girls play this Tuesday against Hugoton. You still get pride points for attending the game so be sure to go watch.

Making A Splash

By: Ashley Villagran


On Thursday, March 28, the Girls Swimming Team had a swim meet at the Garden City YMCA. They got to compete with other schools around the area. Some of the schools they competed with was Garden City, Dodge City, and Liberal.

Ella Stoppel said, “I think everyone swam well and finished the race strong. My favorite event was either the 200 medley relay or the 100 breaststroke.”

Lauren Jones said, “I thought we all swam very well and showed even more improvement. My favorite event that day was the 50 free.”

The results of the team are listed below.

Holcomb girls swim team


By: Ashley Villagran


On Saturday April 13th, prom took place at the Holcomb Elementary School. The theme for prom was diamond. Promenade began at 8:00 p.m and family and friends were invited to attend and watch the couples pass through the gym. After promenade was over, everyone was allowed to take pictures with the students before prom began.

Prom began at 9:00 p.m and ended at 12:00. Students were allowed to get snow cones from WAMS, drinks, and snacks. Students were also allowed to take pictures at the picture booths.

The prom queen and king were Maci Klotz and River Amos. The cutest couple was Malea Janda and Jackson Stoppel. The prom princess and prince was Lauren Jones and Kobe Hands.

Maci Klotz said, “The dance was fun, but my favorite memory of prom was getting ready and taking pictures.”

Kobe Hands said, “Prom was okay but after prom was probably the best part for me.”

When prom was over, students were allowed to leave and go to the high school for after prom.

Students dancing at prom

The winners dancing a song together

Above and Beyond

By: Mariah Magana


In geometry we have been learning about angles, area and perimeter. Mrs. Barrett has come up with a fun lesson on making kites. Students are in a group of two and they get to make a kite in whichever shape they please. The materials the students are using to make their kites are trash bags, wooden polls, tape, and string. Some students designed a classical kite and others made their own creative design.

Emily Perez says “Building the kites was a fun exercise on learning how angles and lengths can affect the outcome of the kite.”

Addyson Bjurstrom says “I wanted used this design for my kite because it looks cool.”

Kite Designs in Geometry

Ms. Van Dolah honored at State Level

By: Kley Tschetter


Our very own Ms. Van Dolah has been awarded a state level award for “going above and beyond” in her “outstanding teacher efforts”. This award comes after completing this year’s DAR-JAC contest, which she has done for many years. Each year, Ms. Van Dolah meets with the chair committee in Dodge City to turn in the entries for judging.

Ms. Van Dolah says, “It was an unexpected award but it is appreciated.”

Ms. Van Dolah proudly holds her state level award!

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