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            Seniors at Caldwell High School will complete a Community Involvement Senior Project as a requirement for graduation.  The project will be worth one required credit for diploma completion.  Each senior is asked to dare to dream, meet a personal challenge, and demonstrate potential, abilities, and talent while completing the Senior Project.


          20 individual hours completed in at least 3 different areas with a minimum of three hours in an area

            10 individual hours completed at 2 different job sites as part of job shadowing.

            9 group hours supervised by school personnel

            All hours (both group and individual) must be logged on time log.  Individual hours must be graded by the supervising adult; individual hours will not be counted until the grading rubric is turned into Mr. Greenlee.  No grading rubric is needed for group hours.
            All hours need to have summaries written about them; photos need to be taken for all volunteer work.  School will take photos of the group work days.


          Each student will complete a portfolio following the guidelines provided.  Portfolios will be graded against a rubric by five judges. 

            Parts of the portfolio will be due at each faculty advisor checkpoint.


          Each student will give an 8-10 minute oral presentation about his/her project.  Guidelines for content will be provided.  Presentation must contain some type audio-visual component.  Five evaluated and documented speech practices are required.  Student must video tape a practice of their presentation and self-evaluate.  Advisor must see the video tape.  Presentation will be graded against a rubric by five judges.


          Students are expected to meet deadlines; penalties will be assessed for missed deadlines.  Communication is the KEY if a deadline is a problem.

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