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03/28/17 Tuesday

 Mrs. Hawks
Modeling Linear Relationships Packet: DUE Wed
Mrs. Petersen
Integrated Math
Chapter 8 Review for Test-Study Guide
 Mr. Adams
Social Studies
Grade Chapter 12- Section 1 Worksheet and Assessment Questions - Read Chapter 12 Section 2
Changes in Working Life (pgs 390-395) - Handout Chapter 12-Section 2 Worksheet
 Mrs. Rausch 
Read chapters 11-12 pages 100-109.  Quiz 10-12.  Workbook pages 18-19
 Ms. Oathout 
Daily Science 140
Layers of Earth - Packet 4

*** Within the Earth History unit all make up work needs to be done in the classroom ***
 Ms. King
Resource Room - English/Math
English- state assessment practice test
Basic Math-review for unit quiz
Integrated Math (6th)- surface area of cone
Integrated Math (9th)- computer

 AR Due Date for 4th quarter:  Friday, May 12