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12/15/17 Friday

Mrs. Hawks
Pre: Start 6-3/ Class Activity with Slope-Intercept Form
Alg: Review Activity with Slope-Intercept Form/ Wkst 40
 Ms. Rangel
Integrated Math
Small Group Rotation - Even day
 Mr. Adams 
Social Studies
Chapter 7 - Launching the Nation PowerPoint / Note Taking
 Mrs. Smith 
Take your test over figurative language in Quizlet
TED Talks, then Draw Your Own Future
 Ms. Oathout 
Christmas Movie - Reward from Food Drive Challenge

*** Make-up work will need to be done before or after school or during Encore time. ***
 Mrs. Crouch
Resource Room - English/Math
English- vocabulary and background knowledge for The Outsiders
Math- ratios, rates, and unit rates