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English Language Arts,

     English Language Arts is the tool we use to communicate.  Letters go together to make words.  Words go together to make sentences. Sentences go together to explain ideas or tell a story.

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Our First Quarter Curriculum

My Schedule

1st Hour: 7:55-8:42      English
2nd Hour: 8:45-9:27     Team Plan Time
3rd Hour: 9:30-10:12    ENCORE/VPL
4th Hour: 10:15-10:57   English
5th Hour: 11:00-12:08   English
6th Hour: 12:11-12:53   Personal Plan Time
7th Hour: 12:56-1:38     English
8th Hour: 1:41-2:24       English
9th Hour: 2:27-3:15       ENCORE

After School 3:15-4:00 Homework Help
Mrs. Wasser

Mrs. Wasser
WMS Room 606

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