Greenhouse Plant Sale
Support the WHS greenhouse by buying vegetables and flowers. List below. Tomatoes and peppers are ready to buy NOW! Contact Erica Stuhlsatz at or stop by the school to purchase.

Community Receives Sportsmanship Award!
Congrats to all those that showed up and cheered on the Lady Chargers in a positive, sportsmanship-like manner. Because of you, and the great job by the cheerleaders, Wabaunsee was rewarded with a State Basketball Tournament Sportsmanship plaque and medals. Excellent job!
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Students Participated in the 2017 Wabaunsee County Farm Bureau Safety Poster Contest
The students had some very creative ideas and great art work! Even if a young person visits a farm once, safety is so important.
The Division III winners from Paxico Middle School are:
1st: Allyson Garst
2nd: Shawn Moser
3rd: Jazlyn Posch
Honorable mention (no award) but the judges were impressed with their messages and/or art work.
Annie Wright, Jenna Donaldson, Owen Johnson, Aden Miller and Ryan Schutter, Calvin Magette

Students Illustrate Book
Mrs. Parry, MHES librarian found and passed along some information she received, where students could possibly write and illustrate a book! Miss Barlow, MHES 3rd grade teacher, jumped on the idea! Her students decided on the theme "If I Were the President of The United States of America, I Would...." Each student had to write their explanation of what they would do, as well as draw a picture "telling so". For the cover. Miss Barlow and the art teacher, Mrs. Stott, decided that they would have a contest for the cover design. The winner was Jesse Eubanks and the runner-up was Sarah Denton. Miss Barlow sent the book they came up with off and it will be published on March 24th. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact Miss Barlow at Maple Hill Elementary School.
Please check out the link below to see some the illustrations, done by the class, for this book!

We All Need Trees!
Students participated in a poster contest for the Wabaunsee County Conservation District. 5th and 6th graders from Paxico Middle School provided water color centerpieces for the 68th annual meeting of the Wabaunsee County Conservation District. 

Maddux Weisshaar
1st place, 1st grade
Payton Wurtz
1st place, 4th grade
Taryn Maike
Grand Prize, 5th grade

Art News

Transforming USD 329 Wabaunsee Schools
We invite you to be part of something transformational at USD 329 Wabaunsee Schools. READ MORE....

9th to 12th grade parents: Get your child ready for college

Open this letter from Superintendent Brad Starnes to find out how!

As required by K.S.A. 72-8254 the following are posted for the public:

KSHSAA Guidelines

These guidelines are from the KSHSAA web site. It clarifies some common misunderstandings and answers questions that parents, coaches, or students may have with regard to off season programs/outside competition during the school year. These are applicable to both High School and Junior High.