Ag/FFA Parent/Community Informational Meeting Scheduled (8-31-15)

Sylvan-Lucas Unified High School Agriculture Education & FFA program will hold an informational meeting for parents and community members on Monday, August 31st, at 6 pm in the high school commons.  The purpose of this meeting is to present an outline of our program and answer any questions patrons may have of our new Ag/FFA program.  

Sylvan-Lucas Unified Jr/Sr High School Athletes to Take ImPACT Test

Lincoln County Hospital is sponsoring ImPACT testing for USD 299 student-athletes. Male athletes will be tested on Wednesday, September 2nd, and female athletes will be tested on Thursday, September 3rd.  

ImPACT testing is the leading company for baseline and post injury testing for concussions.  It helps doctors and medical staff evaluate and treat after a concussion has occurred with more accuracy and ability to give the best treatment possible.  A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that is hard to diagnose with imaging alone and everyone heals at a different rate.  This test (which is all computerized) is not a solution or preventative tool for concussions but simply an assistive tool for medical evaluations.  It is currently being used by over 7,400 high schools, 1,300 colleges and universities and all of MLB, NHL and the NFL.

With the ImPACT test there are two parts. The first is the pre-test that will be offered at SLUJSHS and administered by USD 299 Nurse, Elizabeth Sheldon.   The second part of the ImPACT test will be conducted after a concussion is suspected.   For students in grades 9-12, the ImPACT test will only need to be taken once every two years. Our Junior High students will need to take the test every year.  

The SLUJSHS Athletic Department will continue to follow Kansas State Law that if a student has suffered a concussion or is suspected of a concussion that student will be held out of practice or competition until written medical clearance is granted from a Health Care Professional.  This practice is mandated by the Kansas School Sports Head Injury Prevention Act.  The ImPACT Test will simply serve as an assistive tool for medical personnel to help evaluate potential concussions.

Letters containing the above information have been mailed out to parents/guardians.  If you do not wish to have your child participate in this testing, please fill out the slip included in the mailing and return it to the Jr/Sr High School Office.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact USD 299 Nurse, Mrs. Elizabeth Sheldon, at or (785)531-2718.

2015 Spring Semester Honor Roll

High School
4.0 Honor Roll - John Augustine, Timothy Schulteis, Aaron Augustine, Courtney Batchman, Irina Gildina, Cursstyn Jorgensen, Mia Maupin, Greta Wehrman, Logan Batchman, RJ Haberer, Jedd Rowden.

3.5-3.99 Honor Roll - Steven Ammon, Tristan Dickerman, Brianna Steinle, Colten Uhl, Dustin Harp, Jessica Winckler, Baili Kerth, Joshua Weilert, Darren Ammon, Kerstin Decker, Morgan Kubick, Kena Kvasnicka, Cheyenne Meyer, Broderick Schofield, Dylan Streit, Miranda Tate.
Junior High
4.0 Honor Roll - Kayla Augustine, Rebecca Denholm, Aundrea Haberer, JC Huehl, Kylie Rahmeier, Taegen Walter, Sasha Albert, Kelsey Decker, Paige Ringler.

3.5-3.99 Honor Roll - Tyler Barrientes, Maddisyn Brummer, Dharma Couse, Bailey Evans, Delaney Herold, Wyatt Hiiter, Beau Batchman, Kyle Frederking, Keera Maupin, Autumn Princ, Madison Streit.
4.0 Honor Roll - 4th Grade:  Taylor Fallis.  5th Grade: Anna Augustine and Jaxson Heenan.  6th Grade: Tra Barrientes, Logan Buttenhoff, and Haley Fallis.

3.5-3.99 Honor Roll - 3rd Grade: William Anschutz, Lacie Baxter, Madalyn Dobrinski, Kimberly Fitzhugh, Kailea Goss, Lucy Harp, Ella Hogan, Gunner Hulse, Blane Lamb, Matthew Lawson, McKaylee Maupin, Isaac Roddey, Jacob Schultz, Casey Sigle, April Sonnier, Emajen Sonnier, Hagen Starkey, and Drayse Walter.    4th Grade:  Goldie Dohe, Clara Griffiths, and Sophie Pancost.  5th Grade: Lizebeth Cline, Katlyn Homewood, Hunter Hulse, Zachary Rose, Brooke Wehrman, Tressa Wehrman and Jaina White.  6th Grade:  Bryanna Kuehn, Dawson Rhudolph, Brooke Tate, Elijah Urban, Jordon Urban, and Ben Wehrman.